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Why you should think about your brain not your butt when you choose what to eat

Posted Aug 26 2013 7:38pm

I had never really considered my mind and body to be two intertwined parts of me. Weird now I think about it, they both reside here within me but I always thought they needed to be served differently, separately. I approached my diets and weight loss efforts as entirely about my body, the physical and external.

I thought all I needed to do to feed my brain were things like crossword puzzles and reading books (secretly hoping that my solitaire addiction was helping too). There was always an element of general health to what I chose to eat, an understanding that I need certain vitamins and minerals to make my body work properly, but I never considered that what I ate had an effect on my mental health.


The mind (including memory and emotion) is not simply contained in the brain; the mind exists as a “field” throughout the entire human organism! What is done to the mind is done to the body, and vice versa. You simply cannot separate the two. Nora Gedgaudas

Right on Nora.

So with a bit of a shift in my thinking I’m now feeding my brain and my butt healthfully at the same time. Here’s how.

I eat good fats.

  • They feed your brain and body providing you with a sustainable, reliable source of energy.
  • They keep you full for longer, reducing your desire to snack and keeping those crazy mood swings we get with hunger at bay.
  • Omega 3′s are linked to great brain benefits such as improving learning and memory and helping to fight mental disorders including depression, mood disorders, schizophrenia, and dementia.
  • Cold-water fish
  • Good quality (ethically raised) meat with a bit of the fat on
  • Avocados
  • Seeds and Nuts
  • Good oils (olive, avocado, macadamia, coconut)
  • Eggs
  • Add some coconut oil to your herbal tea (sounds gross but tastes great)
  • Spread your sandwiches with avo or pop some in a smoothie for really great texture
  • Start your day with eggs, I like mine scrambled with cream and spinach
  • Pop some Aussie salmon on your shopping list for dinner this week, its sustainable and full of Omega 3′s.


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Let me know, do you have any interesting ways you include good fats in your day?

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