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Why You Should Consider Taking Control of TMJ

Posted Nov 08 2008 1:10am
by Rashel Dan

Majority of us immediately seek medical help when experiencing some pain or discomfort. There is nothing wrong with this really. In fact, going to the doctor promptly may even save your life. There are some conditions however, like TMJ pain that may be solved without the use of invasive medical procedures. Before thinking of serious TMJ treatment, think first of taking control of TMJ yourself.

Different Doctors Different Solutions

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to take control of your TMJ first before seeking medical attention. One major reason though is that there is no specific certified medical area of concentration for TMJ. Experts in TMJ treatment are therefore not specifically licensed for TMJ treatment alone. This means that different kinds of doctors like oral surgeons, dentists and orthodontists may be legally allowed to look for ways to treat you. As most of us know, different doctors have different methods of doing things depending on their training and field of expertise. How would you or anyone know which treatment is best for you?

Different Conditions

Sometimes, taking control of TMJ yourself is useless when your condition is already severe. You should know though that there is no one single cause for TMJ problems. This means that the specific medical solution for one person may not work for another. You would be lucky if you had an extremely good doctor who could zero in on your real problem. There are some however who might miss the mark on your specific condition.

You Might Suffer More

Some patients complain that some doctor provided solutions do not work for them. Mouth guards and splints for example may be effective for some but may make things worse for others. It would be okay if you simply had to get rid of a mouth guard if it doesn’t work. It would be a different story if you have had surgery or have taken strong medication for TMJ.

Always try non-invasive methods first before considering medication or surgery. The effects of intensive medical solutions may be irreversible and may pose some serious risks to your health.

You Might Have a Different Problem

Another reason why you might want to look into the problem first is that there is always that possibility that your condition is simply a result of another, preventable or curable condition. It is true that TMJ may be caused by real medical problems. Sometimes though, taking control of TMJ makes sense because your real problem might really be stress. If this is the case, surgery or heavy medication may not be useful at all.

If your TMJ problem is severe and you really need to see an expert, make sure that you go to a reputable practitioner. Part of taking control of TMJ is also making sure that you get second and third opinions before choosing a serious medical procedure.

Non-Harmful Solutions May Work

Maybe it would help if you tried some safe procedures first for your TMJ problem. This aspect of taking control of TMJ may involve trying out meditation, behavior modification, yoga, stress reduction programs and special diets and exercises. All these could break your routine of stress and tension that may be contributing to your TMJ problem.

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