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Why you may be suffering from anxiety & depression

Posted Feb 28 2013 3:04pm

suffering from Anxiety or DepressionYesterday, I wrote this on the Oatmeal in my Bowl Facebook page . The response to me, was a suprise. So I just wanted to share it with you all today. As it seems important.

Suffering from anxiety/depression? Its because you’re separated from self. It’s your body’s defense mechanism telling you you’re off the chosen path.

Many people fear making new choices, out of our comfort zone. Are too embedded with past habits. Don’t listen to life’s subtle cues, because its easier to stay with the pain. pain if familiar. it’s easier to stay with the fear, because fear has protected you thus far. But not listening to life’s subtle cues is now causing you anxiety and depression. Wrecking your health.

Don’t listen to the crap anxiety and depression feeds you. Learn about the law of detachment and letting go of those feelings. And learning to accept the uncomfortable new way of thinking/feeling. and work through it. To bring you a new light. Thus now, you will learn to accept life’s cues putting you on the chosen path. And life will begin to unfold without all that crap that’s been weighing you down.

Good place to start ridding of anxiety/depression: At Last a Life (book), journaling, circle yourself with friends & loved ones who can help you reach this path, loving nature, finding faith… these are some of the few places that lend a good start. :)

PS – Your past is your past. And your past does not need to be you. You are not alone. Sharing the love, Christine.

(Image: abcdish via flickr )

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