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Why wait?

Posted Dec 31 2012 7:00am

Monday again? ugh, here we go. I have today and tomorrow left of my wonderful vacation and then it’s back to work for me. Why does vacation always fly? :(

Last week I talked about all the things I accomplished last year fitness wise . I’m pretty proud of all the racing I did this past year, my most ever! I had ups and downs but they were all great learning experiences. So, I’ve decided in 2013 I need some new challenges…while I love and will continue to do duathlons and 5k’s, my next challenge will come in the form of….


Ummm… what!? How did this happen you ask? Let’s back up.

In October, prompted by tons of Twitter talk, I entered the NYC Half Marathon lottery thinking, “What the hell!? Might as well try. I’ll never get in.”


And then, I forgot about it for a month and a half…. The Friday before Christmas I happened to check my email after work and the email said, “See you in NYC March 17th!“ My first reaction:

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. 

I’m being serious, really I was about to freak out. “That’s a couple months away! A half marathon!? IN NYC. 5 hours away!? WHAT WAS I THINKING? I thought I might run in May, but can I really be ready by March?” A million thoughts were going through my head..

In between the minor panic attack I was having I pictured myself running the streets of NYC with thousands of others and it started to set in… I did get excited! Looking at training plans I had exactly enough time to get ready for this.

There is no reason for me to doubt myself. This is a new challenge and I’m sure I feel just as I felt signing up for my first du. I could do this, and I can do this. I WILL do this.

God willing, I’ll be there on March 17th. :)


  • What will your challenge be in 2013?

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