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Why Small Victories Matter!

Posted Nov 30 2012 10:33am
Hello friends! Back on the wagon after a long hiatus and ready to dish my feelings, current exercise faves, as well as some diet tips and healthy food alternatives, too!

Near the end of what I've been calling "Hardcore Cardio Week" (which, by all means, is probably puny to fitness buffs and the like), I hit an emotional stumbling block. So, here goes -

I've been doing at least an hour of high-intensity cardio per day since Monday, which is big for me because I live at a very high altitude and my lungs are wimpy from lack of heavy-duty cardio. But enough excuses, I have actually done four straight days of 1-2 hours of heart-spazzing cardio each day, paired with healthy diet, and have seen nearly 3 pounds come off in just 4 days. To me, this is BIG. This is exciting! I just started getting back on the wagon after an 8-pound weight gain and three pounds is like WAHOO! Right?


When I said to a friend this morning, "Guess what? Another 1.6 pounds today!", I got a snicker and a smirk and a look that crushed all my good feelings, followed with a "weight fluctuates" kind of statement.

Weight fluctuates? Really?! I had no idea...

Guess what? Weight may fluctuate from day to day, but it can also set a standard for you. If you step on that scale tomorrow and have a higher weight than the day before, it tells you to maybe lay off that midnight slice of cake and cup of whole milk. It tells you that maybe you need to try harder, it HELPS YOU BE MINDFUL. If you get on the scale and see you are a pound lighter, then freaking CELEBRATE! You are a pound lighter, even if it may be water-weight or a fluctuation. It makes you feel better, it makes you strive for one more pound, then one more, and one more!

SMALL VICTORIES MATTER, so celebrate them! You can do it, and I can too!

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