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Why Running on the Treadmill is Better

Posted May 16 2011 10:31pm

I did it. On Sunday I ran 18 miles. Holy Cow.

I was ecstatic to see that the weather was cold and raining – perfect treadmill running weather.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not credible as a runner because I prefer to run on a treadmill.

Real runners pound pavement and get lost in their thoughts as they cover vast distances by foot.

I’m not one of those people. I can run shorter distances outside but for 9 or 10 mile runs my thoughts are wrapped up in how far I have to go, in how tired I am, in how much I want water, and in the urge to stick out my thumb and hitch a ride home.

Running on the treadmill is running simplified.

It’s climate controlled. I’m a wuss when it comes to the weather. I won’t run outside unless the conditions are perfect. Light breezes? Forget it. Drizzle? Too wet for me. Humidity? Not a chance. There’s never a breeze on the treadmill and it’s always the perfect temperature. How could you resist?

I’m not overwhelmed by the distance. Last weekend when I ran 16 miles I was fist pumping for joy at kilometre 13. And then I turned around. Fuck, I have to do this all over again. I have to get back to where I started. On the treadmill I can stop whenever I want. I’m always at my destination.

I can watch brainless TV. Time flies when you’re watching a chick flick. Instead of thinking about how tired I am and how far I have left to go, I can zone out to the Sunday afternoon feature film on W. Yesterday I watched the epic line-up of Homewreckers, Property Brothers, and some terrible movie called Just Like Heaven. Before I knew it I hit the 18 mile mark.

I have access to a toilet. Modern plumbing is grossly underappreciated. That is, until you find yourself squatting in a bush on the side of a trail.

I don’t have to carry my stuff with me. The treadmill is blessed with enough space for a water bottle, iPod, and even a snack (dates are my number 1 mid-run fuel). And you can fill up your water bottle midway through your run. I don’t have to feel like I’m dehydrated and under-fuelled. It’s perfect.

Kinda makes you want to stop calling it the dreadmill, doesn’t it.

Today was an upper body weight training day:

-Incline Dumbbell Press: 45lbs x 5 reps (4 sets)

-Triangle Pushups:         x6 on toes/ x6 on knees (3 sets)

-Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows: 55lbs x 5 reps (4 sets)

-Reverse Dumbbell Fly: 15lbs x 7 reps (4 sets)

-Arnold Press:              30lb x 6 reps (4 sets)

-Barbell Bicep Negatives: 60lb x 4 reps (4 sets)

-Triceps Pushups:        x4 on toes/ x6 on knees (3 sets)

-Plank:                        45seconds (3 sets)

And I rounded off the night with this delicious concoction: Apple and Sweet Potato Fritters with Poached Egg and Sweet Mustard Sauce


And a 5K walk with Tina, Matt, and Bagigis.

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