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Why RAW Rocks: My 1st Experience with Raw Food

Posted Aug 16 2010 5:45pm

Raw food is a hot trend. Heck, it might be more than a trend.

Raw food is what it sounds like —> food that hasn’t been cooked. The theory? Heating food above a certain temperature destroys important enzymes.

Raw isn’t just about not cooking your food- it’s also about choosing unprocessed, organic (usually), and vegan (mostly) foods.

raw ingredients

(I loved seeing some of my favorite ingredients on the shelf! Like Sunwarrior protein !)


For those that arrived in Chicago early for the Healthy Living Summit, the lovely Diana tracked down and set up dinner at a vegan & raw establishment appropriately called “ RAW ”.

raw chicago


The best part? It was all grab & go! How great would it be to run by a place like this on your lunch break?!


Even though I arrived at the airport just minutes before the scheduled dinner time, I managed to L it to the hotel, store my luggage, L it back to the market place where RAW is located before anybody else- it was a great chance to check out the goodies and hear a bit about the company.


The idea behind raw isn’t just to serve raw food- it’s about promoting good health & satisfying curiosity of those who don’t know about raw foodism. The owners, Polly & Carole, seek to share a love of ingredients packed with nutrients that taste good. (Sounds good, right?)

  raw foods

I feel wholeheartedly their mission will be a success. You literally cannot taste their food and not throw out any preconceived notions of raw food being gross. It was insanely fantastic. The amount of flavor pumped into each dish was almost unbelievable. The beauty of it all? No flavor was pumped in- it was just there, free to shine through.

bloggers at raw

As soon as the group arrived, Carole brought out all sorts of samples for the group to try. There was lasagna, hummus, California rolls, biscotti, and lemon squares- all 100% raw, vegan, and unprocessed.

raw sample plates raw foods raw samples  

The unprocessed part is probably my favorite. :) As for the samples? Every single one of them rocked my socks off, but the lasagna and lemon squares literally blew me out of the water. [Yes, that means I even ate a raw tomato and didn’t die of grossness.]

raw lasagna

The raw oatmeal was probably another one of my favorites, and it really shocked me since I don’t like overnight oats…maybe it’s time to play around with a raw oatmeal recipe?!

raw oatmeal  

When I first arrived, the coconut macaroons beside the cash register caught my eye instantly, so of course I bought some. I also got a carrot muffin for later.

raw macaroons raw carrot muffin  

The flavor that exploded from this little ball was amazing- intensely coconut and a pleasing texture- a little bit of a crunch on the outside, and soft on the inside.

raw macaroon  


What I didn’t expect: [Besides the deliciousness!] How dense raw food is! I was easily stuffed. For the rest of the night my stomach cramped & rebelled against me. I chalked it up to travel discomfort, but when I ate my remaining macaroon on 2 later occasions, the same thing happened. Hmm.

This experience definitely warmed [haha] me to the idea of raw food, especially that it’s more than just salads and zucchini pasta. I would never “go raw” because that’s too limiting (for me) & it’s not my style to say “never” to a food, but I’m definitely interested in doing some experimenting in the kitchen!


Have you tried raw foods? If so, what was your experience? If not, would you? Why/why not?

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