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Why Obesity Is a Good Thing Nowadays

Posted Aug 17 2009 11:14pm

This post was written by Anastasiya. Follow me on Twitter or StumbleUpon and keep your life balanced!

This article is devoted to all the obese people in the United States and all over the world. Thank you for what you do, thank you for being obese!

Today the world is suffering from the “epidemic of obesity”. It’s a strange expression from my point of view. Epidemics have always been associated with the plague, cholera or some other infectious disease. Is obesity airborne too? Can you catch it by standing near an obese person or touching the same thing the obese person has just touched? Anyway, I am really happy that there are so many obese people in the world today because as some experts say, “it’s a sign of progress” (the world has gotten so automated and mechanized that people do not even need to move anymore!)

 Photo by swishphotos

You can call me cruel, inconsiderate, inhumane or whatever else but first read why obesity is a great phenomenon of the modern society. First of all I would like to say that I am not obese and not even overweight (you probably guessed it from the tone of this article already). And if you are reading this post then I am 99% sure that you are not obese either. And now please read why all of us must be so grateful to the obese people in this world.

Everybody today wants to have a great job, to earn a great living, provide for his/her family and basically be a successful person. Well, there are definitely not enough high-paying, interesting jobs that would satisfy this desire. This is especially true in the times of this crisis or recession that we are in right now. This is the exact reason why fighting for the best job you can get has become the main motto of our society. And you don’t need to be super smart to realize that the less competition you get the better it is for you. Most obese people are unable to work because they are unable to move on their own. Considering that about 30% of the population in the United States is obese, fit people already increase their own chances of finding a good job by 30%.

Let’s imagine that two people are applying for the same position in a big company. Their resumes look pretty similar and both have equal chances to get the job. One person is relatively fit and another one is extremely overweight. If you are an employer who would you hire? An overweight person who is likely to spend at least one third of their working time at the hospital or in the doctor’s office or a healthy looking guy/girl? The answer seems obvious. So the chances of fit people getting a job increase even more.

It goes without saying that fit and trim people always look more attractive than their obese counterparts. Research conducted over the past two decades shows that unattractive and obese people are less likely to get hired, they earn less (10% to 20% less than their fit colleagues) and overall they produce a less successful impression.

“Economists also found that women considered obese in terms of their body mass index (BMI) in both 1981 and 1988 earned 17 percent less than women within their recommended BMI range.”

- Surprise! Fit and attractive people earn more, CNN Money

“Good-looking men and women are generally judged to be more talented, kind, honest and intelligent than their less attractive counterparts,” Patzer says. “Controlled studies show people go out of their way to help attractive people — of the same and opposite sex — because they want to be liked and accepted by good-looking people.”

- Do pretty people earn more?, CNN

Have you ever seen a successful obese businessman or businesswoman? Have you seen a talented writer or painter who cannot get out of his bed? Are there any fat faces on the pages of Forbes magazine? Obese people create an impression of dead-weight and this is the reason why all fit and trim people have a much better chance to be successful. Considering that one third of Americans are obese and another third is overweight, the rest of the population has a greater chance to be successful in life.

Another thing is that obese people are unhealthy and a lot of times they cannot even work (as I’ve mentioned already). This is bad because all the fit people have to provide for the obese population (such a large portion of taxes are spent to take care of “handicapped” lard butts). It burns me up when I go to the store and see someone park in the handicap spot, get out of their car and weigh at least 400 lbs. Should you get special treatment because you eat too much? I don’t think so. The good thing is that obese people die much earlier than fit people. Their life span is at least 20 years shorter than the one of trim and fit people.

In general obesity is a new wave of natural selection. Fit and strong individuals will always survive and outlive their obese peers. Obese people are also less likely to “reproduce” (again because of health issues). Today people do not get eaten by wild animals and do not often die of hunger (I am talking about developed countries right now) like they did even a century ago. We need new ways to control and improve human population on this planet. And obesity is definitely a new “epidemic” that helps developed countries control their populations.

In the end I just want to say why I am personally so thankful to all obese people.

“Hey GUYS, thank you and thank you again for being the best stimulus and inspiration for me. Every day when I do not feel like exercising I look at one of you and I feel this inner urge to do 100 sit-ups instead of just 80, to run 4 miles instead of just 3, to go out for a walk with my children instead of sitting in front of the TV. Every time that I want some unhealthy treat at a restaurant I again look at you GUYS. I can’t imagine not fitting my butt into one chair and that is why I prefer a healthy and light meal. Every day that I see one of you GUYS in the store, in the restaurant or in the mall I become more and more inspired to live a balanced life, to have an active life, to cook only healthy meals, to educate my children about the importance of healthy and active living. I am grateful for every moment that I can enjoy with my family and I am happy to be the person I am (just one person by the way, size-wise).”

Obese people are an essential and important part of a balanced society nowadays because everything beautiful and good in this world must be balanced by something ugly and bad. Otherwise we will not see the beauty and the goodness.

Keep it balanced!

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