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Why Mind, Body, and Goal?

Posted Nov 15 2012 11:41pm
I have had several people ask me why I chose the name Mind, Body, and Goal.  There is not really some big story behind it. But I love quotes. I seriously have a bazillion quote sites bookmarked and I am always looking for something new. A while back, I came across this one and for me personally, it rang so true:

"If you want to change your body, you first have to change your mind."

Everyone needs goals. In order to obtain those goals you have to be in the proper mind set. (We can be our own worst enemy sometimes.) When it comes to fitness (and especially running) you really need to have your mind right in order to allow your body to do what truly is something very natural. We are meant to move. Truth be told, you have to learn to ignore the gibberish that comes from your head and just keep moving!

But yeah, that is it, in a nutshell.  Exciting stuff, right?  But seriously...keep that quote and remember it!!
A quick little (well, maybe not) chat about my day today! Ever just have a kick ass day and don't really even know why? I seriously feel pumped tonight and I love it!I woke up in a funk. I am having a hard time dealing with this weather and the running thing. I hate the cold. Let me repeat that I HATE THE COLD! It was 29 degrees outside when I woke up. Seriously? Who wants to get out of bed for that? And to run in it? Ugh! I actually had to talk myself into getting up and then into working out. As much as I wanted to run, I had to go for Plan B.I really love working out at home. I have a gym membership and I never go. Well, I go there to tan from time to time. I have a couple new DVD's from Kelly Coffey-Meyer . I love her workouts. I decided to check out the new Cardio Quick Fix. I did both workouts for a total of 45 minutes and then went ahead and did the bonus abs and glutes workout. Holy Pig Britches!!! I was sweating my butt off! Probably can't see it in this picture, but I was soaked! Well, you can see that ring all the way around my mid section...haha! That is the kind of workout I love! On a side note: I think you should get extra workout credit for the wrestling match that goes on when you attempt to get out of your soaked sports bra and tank! Geez!
Anyway, totally changed the outlook on my day. To completely plug her awesome DVD's, I love her strength training workouts. This is me today (and I didn't lift any weights to pump up or anything!)
Like I said, I don't go to the gym. I have 3 sets of dumbbells 3# 5# 8#...that's it. So if you are intimidated by the gym or by the machines, or you just prefer to workout at home...You can get results that you will be happy with! So um...what's your excuse?! That's right...You no longer have one! Ha! #GoGetFit

Other highlights from my kick ass day - I got a $40 Adidas hoodie for $7.00! Score! I stocked up on my beloved Oh Yeah! Nutrition Bars . And I finally have my favorite flax milk back in the house so I could make some chocolate ice cream minus the extra protein tonight. Yum! Happy tummy!!

Despite the cold, the sun was shining and that helped my day, as well!
Why yes, I am rockin' my super bright orange race t-shirt! Haha!
So, I woke up funky, got my butt up and worked out anyways and completely turned my day around! Could not ask for much more than that!  Do yourself a favor and...

Make it a great one!
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