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Why live a healthy, active lifestyle?

Posted Apr 25 2013 9:00pm
Why is a healthy, active lifestyle important to us?

Kyle and I make living healthy and being active a priority. It comes naturally as our life together has evolved.  We plan our strength and cardio workouts and choose foods with nutrients that nourish our bodies and help us perform our best.  But why is that important?
didn't always workout and I did not always enjoy working out.  I can remember in my early 20’s dragging myself to the gym around 11am to grit out 30 minutes on the elliptical.  It was torture and I’m sure I “rewarded” myself with a treat later.  Ask my college roommate and she can probably tell you about my orange diet.  My fridge always included OJ, cheese, and those orange peanut butter crackers.  The diet of a champion. 

It wasn't until I met Kyle and we began to make healthy, active living a part of my life that I saw the benefits.  I looked different.  I felt different.  I started to create goals for myself in fitness and my entire vision changed. 
It may not be the simplest answer to the question, but living a healthy, active lifestyle makes it important to me to live a healthy, active lifestyle. 

I like waking up with energy.  I like being able to run 13.1 miles.  I like being able to finish a set of heavy squats.  I like knowing my diet is keeping my body healthy for years to come.  Because I live a healthy life I know these things and because of those things I want to keep this healthy lifestyle going.  I guess it is a circle.

Kyle and I are also blessed with families who see the value in being active.  My Mom is a national track champion and Kyle’s parents bike every day and visit Evolution Fitness most afternoons (just ask Jerry to see his biceps). Being active is important to our families and when Kyle and I have kids it will be important to set that example to our kids too.

Being healthy and active doesn't always mean a sweaty workout though.  For the next 3 weeks I’m not running as I recovery from a busy 4 half marathon race season .  My body needs rest, so I’ll be lifting weights, rowing, and revisiting Bikram yoga

Every day is a gift and I try to find a little victory to be grateful for in every day.  My health and fitness always top that list. 

Why is living a healthy, active lifestyle important to you?

Love and living healthy,
Carissa & Kyle

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