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Why is My Replacement for a Dell Inspiron 1300 Battery Overheating?

Posted May 18 2013 6:53am

To enhance your productivity, or that of your employees, preventing a  Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop battery  or computer in general from overheating should be your primary concern. Excess heat affects a laptop battery in several ways; first, because heat degrades power cells and thus, kills batteries faster than usual, the amount of money you will spend on replacement batteries over the life of your Inspiron 1300 laptop, can be hard to stomach. Second, overheating can be a health hazard to not only you, but also your family members. It can destabilize the composition of chemicals in the replacement for Dell Inspiron 1300 battery that you have bought, hasten ion exchange, and as such, increase the risk of explosions and fire hazards (especially if you have a Lithium Ion battery installed in your laptop). If you have noticed that your laptop or its battery overheats often, you might be doing something wrong, or your laptop may be in poor working condition. Here are possible causes of overheating and how you can avoid, or remedy them:


One of the commonest reasons why  Dell laptop battery  overheats is the poor usage habits of their users. Laptops and their batteries for that matter, have a breaking point. Once you stress them past this critical point, they lose their efficiency and ability to carry out various tasks optimally. Many at times, Inspiron enthusiasts who like using their laptops at home, want to sit in the most comfortable position possible. They place their laptops on their laps, on the bed, sofa, and other soft surfaces and tap away as they watch their favorite television programs. This common practice is unacceptable, if you want to maintain the temperature of your battery. They clog vents and traps, prevent free circulation of air, and thus, lead to rapid accumulation of heat. If you want to stay comfy, use your laptop, and not overheat your Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop battery, make sure that you have a cooling pad or fan, under the laptop.


You need a permanent source of electricity to charge an Inspiron 1300 battery to full capacity. However, leaving your laptop plugged in an AC outlet for long has a plethora of cons including the risk of overheating. To keep your replacement for Dell Inspiron 1300 cool, make sure that you use an original  Dell Inspiron 1300 adapter  when charging your laptop. Any charger that has a voltage short or more than the recommended level can easily damage your battery. Next, charge your battery as long as necessary. Leaving a battery plugged into an external power source for hours without end can easily increase its internal temperature and cause irreparable damage. Remove clean and store it in a cool place, to keep its core temperature in check.


Finally, inappropriate storage is the final cause of overheating in Inspiron laptop batteries. How many times have you left your laptop in your car, on the lawn, or in any other area exposed to harsh environmental elements? How many times have you dumped your laptop in its storage bag without shutting it down first? Avoid such practices if you want your Dell  Inspiron 1300 battery  to stay cool and last longer. Treat your laptop and its battery in a way that you would want other people to treat you in life, if you want to maintain it in excellent working condition.


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