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Why is a balanced, healthy immune system important? Because it impacts nearly everything in you.

Posted May 12 2012 4:00pm

When people talk about immune response and the benefits of the immune system, we tend to think in terms of cold and flu, protecting wounds and, maybe, allergies, although many people don’t realize allergies are just overaggressive immune responses.

But I think people need to realize your immune system, and how you take care of it, affect almost everything that has to do with your health. Immune function is at the center of digestive health and has a synergistic relationship with beneficial gut bacteria. Good digestive health impacts nutrient absorption, brain function, insulin function and potential diabetes, and other health parameters.

Immune health impacts the health of your skin. It can help drive respiratory and pulmonary function.

Recently, my brother sent me an essay from a leading heart doctor . The doctor is telling us to throw out all the conventional medical thinking about cholesterol and statins and heart disease. The problem isn’t plaque or choesterol, he says. It’s inflammation .  And what is directly influencing inflammation? You guessed it. Immune response.

So take care of your immune system with The Five S’s . Chances are, you’ll be taking good care of your entire health experience.

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