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Why I Write (And You Should Too)

Posted Oct 29 2012 8:36am

In honor of Monday, I’m here to offer a weekly dose of motivation!

Confession: I have always wanted to write a book.  From the moment I began reading and writing (okay–so what, 5 years old?), I have been utterly in awe of the written word.  And the possibilities it offers to each and every one of us.

We all have a mind.  We all have a means to write.  Isn’t that beautiful? 

I recently stumbled upon an article over on Thought Catalog that really got me thinking.  Particularly when it comes to blogging, sometimes I just don’t know what to write about, but then I begin to write a post and the words just flooooooow.  This is the beauty of the written word–it comes from so deeply within.  The moment that we begin to write (type, or whatever suits your fancy), we begin to divulge the essence of our minds.

I am not telling everybody that they should start a blog, but I am saying you should consider the benefits of writing… and fit it into your daily life.  Don’y you owe it to yourself to compose your thoughts, begin to understand your own mind, and perhaps share with others?

We write all the time.  We make lists.  We send messages online.  We write reports.  We might log our workouts or our food.  But where to fit in time to write, for the sake of writing?  When do we take the task out of writing, and simply enjoy it?

Here is an excerpt of what Alex Magnin has to say in his article entitled “ Everyone Should Write :”

I’m not a writer. Writing is a craft, and a trade, and I am neither its master craftsman nor its dutiful apprentice. In the past I wrote when I had to, as a means to an end, or to move the world in my direction: finish a term paper, push out a cover letter, draft a press release. What’s the point of writing more?

Writing is hard work. It’s smoothing, and polishing, and tucking in the elbows of each paragraph. It’s voice and technique and practice. It’s mastering style with form, power with control. And I think I know what it’s all for. It’s for getting closer to the page. It is for getting closer to yourself, to get yourself closer to the page.

Alex himself says he not a writer; I also say this.  But what bridges the gap between who is and isn’t a writer?  Aren’t we all the writers and directors of our very own lives?

As part of my #ChooseHappy pledge, I am looking to truly come to terms with myself.  Writing my thoughts has allowed me to begin to understand the intricate workings of my mind.

Allow me to quote Alex one more time:

Everyone should write because writing makes us decide what we believe — and so it makes us decide who we are.

Now tell me–do you innately know everything you believe in?  What you are passionate about?  Where you could seek changes in your life?  What makes you happy?

For me, writing has been an outlet.  Writing in the form of a blog is a public outlet of private thoughts.  Maybe this is for you–maybe it isn’t.  Perhaps a journal or a notebook is more on your page  (no pun intended)–a private outlet of your private thoughts.

Writing can be tough.  Writing can be a challenge.  But from the beginning of time, writing has been a critical means of communication.  In this day and age, writing is no less important.  I can’t help but note that less and less people write for the sake of writing.

All of that goodness in your mind… WRITE IT OUT.

It’s doing no good just chilling at the back of your mind.  Write it out.  Our minds get so boggled down with our day-to-day lives.  If you are anything like me, your mind runs at 1,000 mph: thought after thought after thought.  Keeping a journal used to be my means of sorting through these thoughts; now I blog so I may simplify my thoughts and clear my mind.

I do not write philosophical and awe-inspiring posts on a day-to-day basis.  I am not Henry David Thoureau.  I am not Walt Whitman.  Sometimes I write about the food I eat; sometimes its the exercises I do.  Other times, it simply my thoughts on any particular day.  But, I am always writing.  I always have been writing.  And I cannot get enough.

I am Kacie Phillips.  These are my thoughts.  And they are worthy.  

Take a moment to reflect on that–can you say the same?  YOU CAN and you should.  Your thoughts are worthy.  Your mind is beautiful.  Share the world of words.  It doesn’t matter how you do it–write, type, etc.  It doesn’t matter if you have an audience of 1 billion–or an audience of one.

Write for the beauty of writing.  Write to understand yourself.  Write to #ChooseHappy.

Challenge: I challenge you to write.  Just write.  Set a time f0r 5 minutes and write or type whatever comes to your mind.  Cue: word vomit.  It doesn’t matter what it is, or where your mind wanders.  Just write whatever is on your mind.  Whatever it is–WRITE IT.  When the time goes off, reread your thoughts.  You’ll be in awe.  These thoughts are all your own, and whatever they may be–they were your thoughts.  Reflect.  Begin to understand.  If you want to share, share.  If you do not, do not.  It’s your choice.  Good luck!

Have a beautifully blessed week. 

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