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Why I Don’t Endorse “Fat Burning” Diets/Pills/Drinks…

Posted Aug 14 2012 6:26pm

As a fitness professional, I feel it is my duty not only to protect clients, but to speak out against this trend of endorsing products that are potentially dangerous and possibly have no real benefits.

There are millions of fat burning diet pills, shakes, teas, coffees, objects, etc. out there begging for attention with splash marketing or flashy endorsements. Some try to strong arm you into their product, others sneak in quietly before they manipulate your ability to decipher the real from fake. Not to mention, after attempting multiple paths to weight loss, your frustration can dilute your sense of what is legitimate, and what really works. 

I know that many fitness professionals endorse products, and that is there choice. Many of them are paid well to do so, which is something that you must take in to consideration when you attempt to decipher whether or not their product will take you to the promise land of happiness, which is, duh, only achieved by being super skinny. (because there are no sad skinny people on earth, right?)

I on the other hand, beg to differ. Unfortunately, the fitness industry has been diluted with a flood of misinformation and false claims by “professionals” and “weight loss companies” who use in-house studies to confirm their products success can confuse the public.

Some diet pills, fad diets, and fat burning products can help you lose weight, but 99.9% of them will help you lose weight, only to gain it all back- or worse- gain MORE back, which is not only stressful and frustrating, but also dangerous for your body, mind, and heart (seriously, yo-yo weight loss and dieting can cause heart problems). That is a whole separate blog posting, we don’t have room for all that here!

Disclaimer: any product that doesn’t have independent studies confirming it’s capabilities is potentially incapable of backing it’s claims. An independent study is what you want to look for when searching potential products to aid in a healthy weight loss program (which by the way, most fat burning products require you to follow a healthy diet and exercise program in order for their product to work… kinda makes you think, did their test subjects really even lose weight from anything besides following a healthy diet/exercise program?).

An independent study is performed by an independent company/laboratory and has no influence or bearing on (or by) the product other than the actual, legitimate outcome of the testing.

This is a common trick used by fat burning products to endorse their claims, saying that “tests” have proven their product to work, but the tests are performed BY the manufacturers of the product, so they cannot necessarily be trusted, and sometimes can be diluted by the need for the product to succeed.

I have a strong principle against putting clients on diets, and an even stronger principle against endorsing fat burning products that are not independently proven to be successful, let alone fat burning products in general. Most are simply an excuse to avoid or bypass exercise or healthy eating, or a desperate attempt at an idealized version of oneself that it painfully impossible to achieve.

My philosophy has, and always will be, to help clients achieve a healthy, happy life and build a true love for themselves and their appearance. I OF COURSE want my clients to achieve weight loss if that is their goal. I absolutely want my clients to look and FEEL their very best, and will do everything in my power to do so.

I will implement fitness and nutrition tools that have proven over and over again to be successful if the client truly follows them, and will tweak and change those tools based on the client’s individual needs. I will stand by and cheer them on, coach them to success, and even give them a figuratively swift kick in the pants if necessary!

I will not, however, EVER suggest a client slave over a strict diet that will never translate into real life and/or could potentially backfire. I will not, EVER, suggest a client consume a weight-loss product that is not 100% safe and independently confirmed to be successful or something that I MYSELF would not use.

Besides, if your skinny and hate yourself, whats the point of being skinny?
This is my pledge. It always has been, it always will be. After careful consideration of multiple offers to solicit direct to market weight loss products I feel it is my duty to not only take a stand on the issue but explain my reasoning and educate the public to help them in their decision. Keep in mind, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


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