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Why I’m A Healthy Living Blogger

Posted Oct 23 2011 9:00am

Recently I’ve been wondering why people consider me a healthy living blogger. When Wellsphere invited me to be a part of their health blogger network, I’ll admit that I was a little perplexed.

When I started this blog, it was fairly evident why I was a healthy living blogger. I ate a vegan diet, exercised every single day, and had an undying devotion to banana oatmeal, all natural nut butters, and the darkest of all chocolate. I felt, in some ways, like I was exactly like most of the other bloggers around. While I admire many of them, their lifestyle isn’t entirely meant for me. Plus, there are enough bloggers posting pictures of their oatmeal, and I was tired of chugging smoothies with chia seeds and kale, so why continue?

And well, honestly, once I gained some weight from the beginning of my blogging days, I felt like I wasn’t healthy. I don’t know why. My blood pressure is finally normal after being entirely too high and much too low. My cholesterol is normal. And that bloated feeling from eating fiber all day is replaced with being satiated by buttery fish and juicy meats. But still, I felt that if I wasn’t thin or always active, then I wasn’t a healthy person.

But you know what I realized recently?

I am a healthy living blogger.

Maybe not in the traditional sense, but I am. Why? Because I never stop to think about putting a piece of chocolate in my mouth. I never refuse to go out to eat, as I did in the past, and I order whatever tickles my fancy without issue of fat or calories. But conversely, roasted vegetables make my heart sing, and I believe that two foods never fit as perfectly together as Greek yogurt and granola.

I don’t always exercise my body, but I exercise my lungs. I laugh. I sing sometimes. I breathe deeply. And don’t think my mouth doesn’t get a workout, too, because I smile all the time.

I may not be very thin or very in shape, but I have come a long way. Am I 120lbs? No. But am I still 350? No siree, not in the slightest. I try to find negative things to say about my body often, but you know what? I did something courageous and strong. I am much healthier now than I was for 19 years of my life. I can run. I am flexible enough to do yoga. I finally appreciate vegetables not found in cans. But don’t ask me to dance – I have a horrible case of club feet.

And most importantly, I’m surrounded by love. From my mom, from Richard, from my little furball , and from all of you. And that, my friends, makes for one heck of a healthy life.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I want another one of those chocolates .

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