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Why Golf is such a nice sport.

Posted Aug 23 2010 3:07am

< p>How To Buy Left Handed Golf Clubs

It’s not simple being left handed, when everything is set up for the convenience of people who are right handed. When you open a door, the doorknob is on the right side. Knobs or handles that open cabinets are usually on the right side. School desks are usually designed for right handed students. You are often required to buy specialized sporting equipment. Of course, it doesn’t matter much in some sports what your dominant hand is. Being left handed doesn’t require you to find special supplies if you’re playing football or soccer. If you’re playing baseball, though, your glove has to be left handed. Golf is a sport that demands specialized equipment, as golf clubs are designed for the left or right handed. You won’t be able to swing your club properly if it was made for a right handed person and you’re left handed. While that might be fantastic for your opponent it can be disastrous for you. What is the best place to find golf clubs for the left handed?

A set of men’s golf clubs designed exclusively for left-handed golfers is the Wilson Pro Staff G6205 (of course, we a honestly certain women can use them too). This club set, at the time of this writing, sells for about one hundred and fifty dollars on Amazon. Taller people were meant to use these clubs. At the time this article is being written, there are presently no user reviews on Amazon, so if you take a liking to this set of clubs, you might want to consider checking out a sporting goods store. This way you can try them out before spending money on them.

The Intech Junior Golf Club set is also for lefties. Amazon has it for sale at less than one hundred dollars, and it comes with very high recommendations. This set is targeted toward younger golfers as a starter set. It is made for boys, but we see no reason why left-handed girls can’t use them. This set was designed for kids among the ages of three to seven (or very small eight year olds). This is a fantastic set for left handed kids who want to accompany their parents on the golf course. Learn more about the excellent radiowerbung team.


The Delta Golf Men’s Left Handed Seven Piece Golf Set is another option for sale on for lefties. We’ve come to the realizing, a majority of left-handed golf clubs are marketed toward men. We found not reason that women cannot use them, also. This set is for sale on for about one hundred and ten dollars. This is an brilliant price for a set of golf clubs. Unfortunately you have no way of trying the clubs out before you buy them, so if you get them you are stuck with them-even if they don’t perform well for you. That is kind of an expensive risk to take. Being left handed can often feel annoying. This is especially right in golf when you need very expensive and specialized equipment just to play the game you like. There aren’t many other sports where left handed players have to look so hard to find something that fits them. We are finally seeing in recent years more concessions being made to left handed golfers. You can buy left handed golf clubs in pretty much any sports store and through a number of online venues. They are no longer as expensive as they were, either! We can now say that you don’t have to pay more for everything just because you’re left handed. That’s cause for celebration, isn’t it?

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