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Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin and Why Time Magazine Is Wrong

Posted Aug 13 2009 6:58pm

This post was written by Anastasiya. Follow me on Twitter or StumbleUpon and keep your life balanced!

“In general, for weight loss, exercise is pretty useless,” that’s the excerpt that sums up a huge 4-page article in the last issue of Time Magazine. Here are some key points that will shed some light on the modern outlook on exercise shared by Time.

  1. Exercise is an obsolete technique that became popular in 80s-90s and that has nothing to do with weight loss.
  2. Actually exercise will make you gain weight because it will trigger your hunger and make you almost double your caloric intake.
  3. Running, Pilates, Yoga, weight-lifting, and any other more or less strenuous workout is useless and even dangerous for your health.
  4. Our ancestors were not exercising and they were perfectly fine by being just active and they definitely didn’t suffer from obesity.
  5. In spite of the popularity of exercise the rates of obesity are growing all over the world reaching a whopping 30% in the United States.
  6. Exercise for weight loss is a fad that has become popular just recently and has no scientific proof or background.
  7. The recent guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association state that “to lose weight … 60 to 90 minutes of physical activity may be necessary (on most days of the week)”and that is unrealistic for any normal person trying to make his/her living.
  8. “Self-control is like a muscle: it weakens each day after you use it. If you force yourself to jog for an hour, your self-regulatory capacity is proportionately enfeebled.” (a quote from the article)

After reading this you have no choice but give up all kinds of exercise and enjoy that extra crispy cream doughnut as a compensation for being fooled for a few decades and for sweating in vain on that tread mill. I am sure millions of people who read this article (and still are going to read it in the next few weeks) will use it as a perfect excuse to stop exercising because “if Time magazine devoted the whole front page to this matter then it must be true”. Sometimes raw logic and common sense make more sense than all kinds of studies and research held by science quacks that are ready to prove anything as long as they get their research money.

So here is why Time Magazine is wrong and why you should still use exercise for weight loss.

  1. If exercise has nothing to do with weight loss then how could thousands of people lose weight by doing aerobics with Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons in the 80s, get almost super-model bodies by working out with Cindy Crawford in the 90s and go beyond any weight loss boundaries with kick-boxing, running, Zumba and whatever else that has been around in the past decade? Exercise became popular because it produced results. Look around you; I am sure you can find at least 5 people among your friends and neighbors who lost weight through exercise (you can count me in because I did). And now somebody is going to tell you that exercise does not work for weight loss and that it is a thing from the past? Ridiculous!
  2. Exercise does not make you hungrier but a lot of overweight people have weak will power and they want to “compensate for the sufferings” they’ve just had (meaning exercise). If you are looking for excuses to eat more, then no exercise and no diet will make you lose weight. You must be consistent in your program and do not give in to any temptation. By the way, for many people exercise has a hunger-suppressing affect (that’s my case) but this affect has not been studied properly yet. (Maybe that will be in the next issue of Time magazine:-))
  3. No matter what you are doing you must be using your brain to exercise safely. Your doctor can tell you what workouts are suitable for you and which ones are not. All people are different and what works for one can be a potential danger for another. Start any routine slowly, be consistent, do not overtrain and listen to your body and you will get only positive results from your exercise.
  4. Our ancestors were MUCH MORE active then we are today. How many people today are carrying huge stone blocks or rocks to build their houses (modern equivalent: weight-lifting)? How many people walk for 4 or 5 hours a day, ride horses or run to catch a deer or a rabbit for supper? And how often do you have to dig a hundred-foot-deep well to get water for irrigation of your fields and for your personal needs? Well, there is no way that we can get the type of exercise that our ancestors got years before but we can duplicate most any of these exercises in our completely mechanized modern world.
  5. The rates of obesity grow proportionally with the sizes of portions at the restaurants, long hours spent in front of the computer, TV or behind the wheel. People who exercise regularly do not get obese and that’s a fact.
  6. If anybody says that there is not enough data proving that exercise is beneficial for weight loss then they probably do not know what Google is. Try to google “exercise for weight loss” and you will be overwhelmed with the amount of information that you will get. Here are just a few studies if you have some time to look through them:
    Exercise trumps diet for weight loss
    Study confirms: Don’t reward yourself for calories burned
    Modest exercise can prevent weight gain
    Exercise for maintaining weight
  7. The recent guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association state we need 60 to 90 minutes of MODERATE exercise a day to lose weight. Moderate exercise includes walking, gardening, going up and down the stairs, vacuuming the house and even washing the car. It’s absolutely realistic to be moderately active for 60-90 minutes every day while living a busy life in a modern society.
  8. If self-control is a muscle then it should be only strengthened every time you use it. Do your legs weaken every day after you walk or run? Quite the opposite, they only get stronger. So does your self-control and will power. It might be tough at the beginning and you will be more likely to give in to some cravings or to some laziness but after just a few weeks that blueberry muffin won’t look that appealing after a strenuous workout at the gym.

Exercise is an important part of a weight loss program, no matter what hungry-for-money-and-sensation writers at Time magazine want to tell us. It is true that the best weight loss results are achieved through a combination of diet and exercise and none of these components should be undervalued in a modern society. We eat too much, we move too little, we are inactive sedentary individuals and we should not be told that exercise is useless.

Keep it balanced!

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