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Why Consider Rhinoplasty in Connecticut

Posted Nov 21 2012 3:26am

If you are worried about the shape of your nose or suffer from structural problems that interfere with your breathing, rhinoplasty or surgery for the nose could be the solution. Nose surgery can result in an attractive nose and also help people resolve breathing difficulties. The reason why you should consider rhinoplasty in Connecticut is because the region has many reputable plastic surgeries centers that offer excellent results for the procedure.

About rhinoplasty

Medical rhinoplasty is mainly intended to treat breathing difficulties which might be caused due to the structural abnormalities of the nose.  The appearance of the nose may also be altered to meet the patient’s cosmetic goals of attaining a well-shaped nose. This is cosmetic rhinoplasty. Whatever the reason for the nose surgery, rhinoplasty has to be performed by an expert plastic surgeon to ensure the best outcome.

Physical and psychological fitness is a pre-requisite for every plastic surgery procedure. Clients with any kind of cardiovascular or respiratory problems are not good candidates for aesthetic or reconstructive nasal procedures as breathing complications could occur. In any case, if you are considering having your surgery in Connecticut, your first consideration should be to find an experienced plastic surgeon to evaluate you and perform the procedure.

There are two types of rhinoplasty: open and closed:
  • Open rhinoplasty
In this procedure, an incision is made outside the columella - the fleshy exterior end of the nasal septum. Reshaping is done by making necessary changes of the nasal skin, soft tissue, the cartilage or the bone support frame work, which covers the nose.
  • Closed rhinoplasty
To perform closed rhinoplasty, a surgical incision is made inside the nose. So the incision is not visible externally. A closed rhinoplasty decreases the need for dissection and reduces postoperative edema. Moreover, the duration of the procedure is comparatively shorter than an open surgical correction and so a quick recovery is possible.

What you can expect after the surgery?

Patient can leave the hospital either on the same day of the surgery or the next day depending on the type of aneasthesia used. The surgery may be performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on individual considerations. A nasal splint may be required for a week and there will be swelling around the area for one or two months. You need to be careful while sneezing or blowing through the nose as this can disturb and rupture the soft tissues. Bones often requires about six weeks to get heal and integrate. The final results are usually visible about six months following the operation.

Many people consider a well shaped nose as the most distinctive feature of facial beauty. Innovative techniques, well equipped clinics, and experienced plastic surgeon have made things easier to achieve. So just do a little research about why you should consider rhinoplasty in Connecticut and find the right plastic surgery center to experience the benefits of nose surgery.

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