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Why 2011 is awesome so far…

Posted Feb 28 2011 2:14pm

Now is about the time when those resolutions are often tossed in the trash along with that gym membership, buried deep in that mac and cheese cake truffle pasta bread dinner  (damn that sounds good) or just merely forgotten like that 5K you were supposed to sign up for.

You know what? Who cares. If you’re still interested in making those resolutions a REAL-SOLUTION, then get back on the band wagon.  I’m here to be the magic motivation fairy. Ihave since completed another 2010 Dezolution, go to a comedy show. I got to see Ben Bailey, better known as the ‘Cash Cab guy’. Just so happened my friends had an extra ticket and invited me! Ben Bailey is tall… like… SERIOUSLY tall… 6’6 I think he said? 

There happened to be a knock-down brawl just a few tables away from us, and they were kicked out. BUT, not to before Ben humiliated them for ruining his set. I think his Owl joke lasted 25 minutes….. He was so funny, and oddly attractive in that “smart-tall-and-i-bet-he-could-build-me-a-log-cabin-with-his-bare-hands-and-quiz -me-about-it” way. :)

Ahem. Moving on.

This year, I’ve been able to stay focused on prioritize what I want out of life. I really want to do well in Taekwondo and I really want to travel. So, 2010 has set the ground work for me to keep me in a healthy lifestyle and make great changes to my every day life. Cooking, writing, working out, resources… all of it. It changed me for the better, and maybe because I had such a crappy 2009…but 2010 was a good year, even with all its issues.

On to my latest updates!

Taekwondo = awesome. I’m really starting to feel part of a community. Giving back to the club, helping where I can. In return, I’m being ultimately satisfied with the sense of acceptance, challenge, camaraderie , friendship and of course, fitness. I’ve recently taken up some light sparring, and hopefully will get to spar at the local level soon.  But that may take awhile, hehe. Here is an awesome battle wound from one of my favorite competitors!

My Belt test is March 19th. I’ve been practicing my butt off, 3-4 times a week, for often 2+ hours each. I think I’m ready!

As for traveling, I’m going to my very first blog event, She Con, in Ft. Lauderdale with fellow blogger  and BFF from Pushingthirtyy . This will also include girlfriend trip goal this year!!! We’ve never gone away together,  going on our 10yr anniversary of being BFF’s.

I’m certainly making a dent in my credit card! In a good way. I did another monthly spending analysis, things are looking good!

As for the two piece on the beach. I got some work to do! Mostly my arms and abs, which I never work on.  Why? Because I hate lifting weights and sit ups. But that is going to change tonight, because I’m going to tackle my old cardio kickboxing class AND stay for taekwondo after. When I did kickboxing they did a LOT of ab work, and I was getting cut!  I stopped when I transitioned to TKD full-time, my stamina was pretty low so I couldn’t balance both. I think I can handle it now! I guess I’ll find out tonight!

I’ve been also in the mood for a drastic hair make over. Not that I don’t love my mousey brown/blondish/reddish hair, but I need some pizzazz! POW! A head-turner!  I’m on the fence of complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Blonde or super dark chocolate-brown.  What do you think?

With that said, I like keeping myself motivated by just simply realizing, that I am the only one that can make things happen for myself. Pity parties don’t work for me, BUT, if I just MUST throw one… no longer than 24 hours.

When I hear people say ‘Oh, I WISH I could do that!’. Well guess what, you can. Nothing is  impossible. Money isn’t a deciding factor unless you MAKE it one. You wanna go to Australia, well my friend, prioritize. What’s more important to you? Hitting the bar twice a week, or holding an awesome Koala , dodging poisonous everything or riding on a kangaroo?

I think you know which one I’d pick :)

It’s being happy within your means and accepting that you CAN make the most out of your resources. Negative talk only keeps you negative. Fantasizing about the things you want, while good for the self-esteem, make sure it doesn’t cloud your current goals. Accept that things won’t change overnight. And be happy with your little wins! Sure it sounds a little hippy-dippy, but seriously, have you ever seen someone moping when they crossed the finish line?

So dust off those sneakers or hit the veggie section to try something new to kick start your healthy eating again. Don’t give up, We’re only 2 months in!

And another thing I’m pumped about…. the new Hungry Girl Cook Book 300 under 300!!


So… how have you been doing with your resolutions? Any bumps in the road?

I’d like to congratulate my mother for sticking with her resolution to being healthy and fit! She’s lost 17lbs so far by successfully sticking to South Beach diet and working out with Jillian Michael DVD’s!! Way to go Mom!!! See, doesn’t take expensive gyms and meetings or special food…. Just dedication, patience and a strong will!!!

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