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#Whole30 Week 2: Surviving Easter

Posted Apr 03 2013 4:38pm
So after posting about how I was planning to make it through Easter weekend while travelling away to visit my in-laws, here's a little recap of how it went and also my second full week of Whole30. All in all, I think Easter weekend was a big success.  No cheats, no slips but it was a bit awkward at times.  All of the preparation definitely helped and in general, I am finding that being prepared is a huge part of doing well on Whole30.

Rather than recapping every little thing that I did and ate on the weekend however, I am going to summarize my Whole30 Easter Weekend in a short list of situations and how I handled them...

Situation 1: Instead of breakfast and lunch your in-laws do brunch at 11:00 am which consists typically of hash browns, non-organic bacon, toast and eggs fried in at least two different kinds of oil or butter combined.

On Whole30 you're encouraged to get your meal schedule on track by eating three standard meals a day at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Grabbing a muffin to quell your hunger until 11:00 am brunch just don't work anymore.  When I got up each morning, I simply made myself some eggs etc. and then treated brunch as my lunch which I again cooked separately using my own ingredients and oils.  You'd think breakfast would be an easy thing to share with non-Whole30 eaters but not when so much non-stick spray, butter and regular is involved!

Situation 2: Easter Dinner appetizers, side-dishes and desserts that are not Whole30-friendly.

The great thing about Easter dinner is that the main dish (turkey) is perfect for a Whole30 eater.  I definitely missed having the stuffing and gravy but I contributed a vegetable side-dish that worked for me, filled up on yummy turkey and complimented it all with leftover appies like shrimp, marinated mushrooms and olives that I'd brought.

Situation 3:  Celebrating brother-in-law's birthday, complete with delicious looking chocolate cake and icing.  

When I started Whole30, I thought I'd be craving potato chips and fries all day long but surprisingly my cravings haven't been bad at all.  What got me was that birthday cake though, I soooo would have loved a piece.  Instead, I opened an awesome can of sliced pears in natural juices (canned yes, but sugar and preservative free).  We all had a good laugh about my pears compared to the cake but at least I got something sweet while everyone else noshed on cake.

Even though I didn't have any, Riley definitely enjoyed dessert!
Situation 4:  Two beautiful sunny afternoons sitting out on the dock with drinks and snacks.  

Probably one of my favorite pastimes at the lake is sitting on the dock reading and this weekend was no different.  Usually it's like happy hour complete with beers, wine and munchies but this time around I just made sure I had some nice cold water or sparkling water and a small bowl of nuts and grapes.

Situation 5:  Barbecue out at the farm and your cousin unknowingly douses your perfectly spiced mocha steak with Bullseye BBQ Sauce.

This one was tough.  I made sure I was prepared and told my cousin's wife what I was doing and that I'd be bringing my own steak and even contributed some Whole30-friendly chicken wings for an appie.  I figured since my steak was covered in spice rub it would be obvious not to add anything further to it but I guess he lost track and when I went to grab it off the grill I could tell right away it'd been sauced!  Needless to say I went a bit hungry at dinner but as soon as we got home we grilled up the second steak and I just had a late encore to dinner.

Easter Sunday BBQ at the family farm...
Needless to say, awkward situations are bound to come up with your travelling and eating with others when your diet is different.  Personally, I don't like to go on and on about it and get in everyone's way asking about ingredients and generally being a pain.  I prefer to just take care of things and make sure I had back ups.  But even the most prepared of eaters can run into hiccups and I did, but I made it through just fine.

Now did I enjoy my pears more than that birthday cake?  Hell no.  And would I have rather eaten a handful of chips instead of those grapes on the dock?  You bet!  Now that week 2 is over, I am just now starting to see some of the benefits from eating this way.  At this point I can't see myself cutting out these food groups forever (and that was never my intention) but it will be interesting to see if I notice enough of a difference to consider it or at least continue limiting my intake of some of them.

The good things I can take from week 2 are the following
  • Resisting the kids' Easter candy was really no big deal.  Sure, I would have loved some but it wasn't hard to pass it up.  That's a BIG change for me.
  • I definitely feel "clean" and "lean".  The absence of belly bloat is just a lovely thing.
  • I am starting to see how just 3 meals and little to no snacks can be enough.  Even just the "habit" of snacking is falling by the wayside...
  • Falling asleep at night is way easier.  
The things I am still struggling with:
  • I think I like nuts too much.  They still feel like a treat and I think I eat them like a treat.
  • I think I tend to eat more meat and a little less veg at each meal than I should.
  • Still getting the odd headache and occasional head rush - I'm still working out exactly how much protein, fat and veg I need at each meal.
  • I'm getting kind of tired of eggs for breakfast and I'm just not the kind of gal who can eat soup for breakfast!
I would definitely say that Week 2 was a success and I'm kind of excited to see what Week 3 brings.  It's going well so far but I think I am definitely one of those people who experience a lot of "withdrawal" symptoms after cutting out sugar and carbs.  I'm hoping that this week will see a bit of an energy boost. 
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