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Whole30 Reader Feedback-Jaclyn!

Posted Jan 25 2013 2:07pm

Is there anything better than authentic reader feedback? I mean I can tell you how much better I feel, look, and perform since adopting a paleo lifestyle, but I know that is not enough to convince the skeptics. I literally have my paleo sales pitch memorized. You know the one that goes like this:  “But just try it! Open your mind and give it a try for 30 days. What’s the worst that can happen?” I was amazed when after my “paleo sales pitch” my co-worker Jaclyn agreed. I remember feeling like a little kid that just got told they could buy a toy at the store. “Really?! No really, you’re serious? You’ll do it? OMG Cool!” I was shocked that she actually agreed. Here is what Jaclyn has to say so far:

After a great holiday break filled with lots of desserts, dinners and brunches I returned to school to find my home room buddy, Pam, ready to challenge me with a new nutrition plan for the month of January. I decided to try the Whole30 Challenge and my charming husband came along for the ride and here is how we are doing so far.

The eating is great. We find that our energy levels are stable and high. I used to get home from a day of teaching and feel the couch calling my name, now I spend time cooking and I don’t even think about the couch. I am not hungry (since I eat protein and vegetables at every meal) and although I am eating more than I ever have before in my life, I lost five pounds the first week. My friends and family comment that my skin is brighter and I seem happier. I also find that lean muscle is easy to build because I am eating ample protein and vegetables.

The Whole30 is not just a challenge in eating right, it comes with other obstacles as well. For example, friends expect you to eat, drink, etc. as you always have. Some question why a “skinny” person is on a diet and why she does not drink if she is not  pregnant. People often hear the word diet and immediately think weight loss, but this challenge is about improving nutrition and not about counting calories or cutting fat. That can be hard for some people to understand.  Another challenge is the cost of good food. I cannot believe how much it costs to eat right – I am learning to be savvy and shop at multiple stores when needed (but there is another challenge – time!).

Although the Whole30 has challenged me in more ways than I expected, it also exposed me to cooking healthy, which I now love! I really enjoy finding new recipes that I want to try. Spending time creating a dish I have never seen or tasted before is a surprise every time! I make a weekly meal plan (in Excel of course for easy edits) and then the grocery list is already done and the thinking is over, all I have left to do is cook and eat!

I did not try this nutrition challenge for weight loss as I already have a skinny stature. I did, however, want to heal my digestive system and stabilize my energy levels and both things are happening. The Whole30 Challenge is a challenge (I do crave a piece of bread or a potato chip every now and then), but I find that as long as an approved snack is within reaching distance I forget about any cravings that I may experience. Go paleo! Thanks Pam!!

I was so happy when I read Jaclyn’s post. As a middle school wellness teacher, part of my nutrition and body image curriculum includes the concept that skinny does not necessarily equal healthy. I want my students to understand that fit is healthy. Someone who is truly skinny is not as healthy as they could be. Yes, that’s right. Strength training not only builds visual muscle but it is muscle tissue that helps to build bone density and strength. Read more about exercise and bone health here.

I loved that Jaclyn’s reason for taking on this challenge was not based on aesthetics. Her goal is to feel as good as she can and to figure out if there are any foods that are causing her to not

One of my favorite quotes from Art Williams.

feel her best.  I’ll give you a hint…I think one of them is the ever popular dairy. I personally never knew what it felt like to truly feel good until I stopped eating the foods that didn’t agree with me like dairy and grains.

So how are you doing with the challenge? Do you have some feedback, tips, or advice, that you would be willing to share with our readers as a guest blogger? Contact us using the tab above and let us know!


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