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Whole30 Feedback!

Posted Jan 10 2013 8:51pm

I wanted to share with you some feedback from my neighbor who is doing the Whole30 with us:

I was a little nervous taking on this lifestyle for 30 days but I figured I had absolutely nothing to lose. In the great scheme of things, 30 days is not a long time! Initially I thought that I would be hungry all the time and that it would be hard to stay on track. Even though I am only on day 4, I have not had any cravings and I have not been hungry between meals. I can already feel a difference. I am enthusiastic about this because it is so easy and there are so many yummy Whole30 recipes out there. Plus, it gives my family an excuse to try new things. So far we’ve had sweet potato and bacon soup, coconut crusted chicken with mango salsa, and cabbage and chorizo. I plan to follow this way of eating long after the 30 days is over. It just makes sense! I’m glad I’m a girl who likes a good challenge. It has changed the way that I think about food!

Thank you Pam!! Just don’t say “I told ya so!!”

I don’t know about you, but when I hear this it just brings a smile to my face! And not in “I told ya so way” (well, ok maybe a little :-) ) but really it just makes me feel so happy to know that Dani and I are actually helping some of you. When I got the text from Jill earlier today, it literally put a smile on my face and made my whole day. I know that the first week in any kind of nutrition challenge can be well, challenging. So I thought that some positive feedback from one of you guys would be helpful.

So how is it going for the rest of you? It’s only day 4 but have you noticed anything? Have you noticed a dip in energy level or sugar cravings as your body goes through detox? Or are you already noticing that you are able to go longer between meals and that you actually are sleeping better and have more energy?

Let us know in the comments or send us an email and maybe we’ll pick your story to share with the readers!

Personally, I am feeling good. I am noticing that I am craving some kind of dessert or snack after dinner. After reading Dessert Demons in Disguise I now know why I wanted to eat after dinner.  It’s funny how quickly something can become routine and done out of habit and not because you actually want or need it.

Keep up the good work everyone! I  leave you with this quote I found on Pinterest:

“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.”


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