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Whole30: Day 1 Recap

Posted Aug 01 2012 9:44pm
Aug 1, 2012 Posted by on Aug 1, 2012 in Blog | 17 comments

From August 1 through August 23, I’m documenting my Whole30, including the when, what, where, and how much of my sleep, activity, food, and mood. Read about why I’m doing the Whole30 right here. Not familiar with the Whole30? Learn all about it here and get extra help with the Whole30 Daily.

It’s not really Day 1 for me, since I’ve been at it for about three weeks (and, well, the past three years), but I’m excited to be joining so many awesome people officially today. Best wishes to everyone taking on the Whole30. May you sleep the sleep of the righteous, avoid cravings, and enjoy piles of delicious vegetables.


Sleep 7.5 hours (11:30 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.) — I stayed up too late watching an interview with Michael Phelps, then read too many chapters of .

4-mile loop around the lake: Started with a brisk walk for 2 miles, then did 8 intervals of 1:00 running/2:00 slow recovery walk, then finished the loop with brisk walking. Bonus for fun: 7 perfect pushups on a really nice rock.

Homestyle kundalini & meditation: 10 minutes of a simple kundalini kriya set, plus this meditation:

I’ve found my appetite is less ravenous, and I feel better if I eat in an 11-hour window — usually between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. so I can stop eating about 2-3 hours before going to bed — and I don’t snack between meals or before bed. Because I’m dealing with my thyroid experiment, I’m measuring and tracking my food right now. I aim for 40% fat, 30% protein, 30% carbs.

Breakfast, 9:30 a.m.
Hot Plate:
1 cup acorn squash with Lebanese 7-spice seasoning
3.5 ounces grilled chicken breast
1 cup chopped spinach
1/2 tablespoon coconut oil

Lunch, 2:00 p.m.
1 can tuna + 1 tablespoon homemade mayo + scallions
1/2 large cucumber
1 red bell pepper
1 small carrot
1/4 cup blueberries

Dinner, 8:00 p.m.
Romanian Sausage Patty (a new recipe for Well Fed V2 made with lamb, sausage, pork, and spices!)
1 cup roasted eggplant w/ 1/2 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil + lemon juice + Turkish seasoning
1 cup cauliflower rice w/ 1/2 teaspoon ghee
3/4 cup jicama
cucumber salad: 1/2 large cucumber, 1/2 bell pepper, 1/4 onion, 1/2 tablespoon mayo
12 cherries

After a very rough day yesterday of feeling completely spacy and fatigued, I felt pretty great this morning: Clear-headed, optimistic, energetic enough to want to run. This afternoon, I wasn’t overtaken with exhaustion or brain fog. Instead, I got some good writing done and found myself singing along to iTunes.

Photo of the Day
The running trail around the lake is dotted with friendly little alcoves to sit, daydream, and look at the water. This morning I discovered one I hadn’t noticed before. It’s tucked behind a water fountain under a vine-covered trellis, and thanks to Google, I now know more about it. It’s called The Opossum Temple and Voodoo Pew! The bench, by artist T. Paul Hernandez is decorated with crawfish and is a tribute to his home in the swamplands. The Opossum Temple itself is by Lars A. Stanley; both pieces were dedicated in 1993.

The plaque

The entrance to the Opossum Temple

The Voodoo Pew

The view from the bench

Check out this panorama photo of the Temple and Pew after their installation, before the greenery overtook them with its winding tendrils.

  1. Jane Coaston says:

    Fine, full of eggs and kale and zucchini.

  2. Andrea says:

    Stellar. One of my goals is to get my breakfast in within an hour of waking up…this is usually a challenge for me but I worked it in just fine this morning, spinach, onion and mushroom omelet. Walked to the Starbucks (30 minutes round-trip) to meet a friend for coffee (took my own!). Enjoyed a leisurely lunch with my son and dad of Pineapple-Pepper Pork Chops with squash chips…great day so far!

  3. kimberly says:

    The morning started with an early 6.5 mile walk followed by some berry picking at the neighbors which became part of breakfast. Lots of fresh eggs from the chickens and greens from the garden filled the day!

  4. jodi walshe says:

    Great job. Keep it up, I will follow your posts and continue my own 30 days.

  5. Katarina says:

    I’m rooting for all of you! It’s bad timing for me for a Whole30 and I’m a little bit envious that I can’t join you all! I will tackle my 2nd Whole30 this coming Fall when I’m not travelling so much and can focus on it!

    And, Mel… your meals today are making my mouth water!

  6. Carbzilla says:

    Went to bed reading your cookbook last night. It’s a joy to read – can’t wait to cook.

    I made it from breakfast (3 eggs, spinach, pico de gallo, avocado) to lunch without a snack which is HUGE for me. I have a headache that kept my appetite low, but it’s unrelated to this (I think I might get them from doing plank? Sounds weird, but it happens).

    Here’s to tomorrow!

  7. Jen :) says:

    What an amazing Day 1!! My hope is that by my Day 30, I’ll have a creative menu like this one :)

  8. Dana says:

    I will look at breakfast differently. It sounds perfectly squash-some. Whole3years sounds amazingly disciplined to the ears attached to my easily-distracted body. Thank you for sharing this and inspiring so many.

  9. Rena says:

    I have to start with baby steps:
    Walked to work. Tee instead of coffee. I cannot eat breakfast…sorry. Chicken breast and greens for lunch. Kale and Carrot salad for dinner. 10 minutes of yoga. Yay!

    It will get tricky tomorrow, as my coworkers take me out for lunch…

  10. Lee says:

    Hi Mel,
    Its a brilliant coincidence as I have just started the whole30 from Aug 1 and I’m doing daily updates on my surf blog. I’m a newbie to blogging so the content isn’t nearly as good as yours.
    I need all the help and encouragement I can get so I’m about to download the “Well Fed Book” it looks great and a few of my friends have it already. My wife is doing it as well so look forward to keeping an eye on this website.
    For a bit of fun Ive called my self the “Paleo Surfer”
    good luck
    (paleo surfer)

  11. barb says:

    13th tale is one of my favs! Thanks for the detailed food info – looking forward to WF v.2

  12. Anne E. says:

    I started on the 30th- it was a Monday and I needed to get going after a gluttonous weekend at the beach. Today was the first day I woke up alert and energized. The first couple days I was really dragging. Last night, I listened to my body and was in bed by 9:30pm. Maybe that’s why I woke up ready to go!

    The food has been fantastic so far- I love to cook, and it’s lots of fun to try all these new recipes. Strangely enough, I’ve been craving brown sugar and cinnamon pop tarts, which I probably haven’t had in 10 years. It’s like being pregnant- you suddenly start craving foods you never thought about in the past.

    Keep up the good work everyone! It’s so comforting to know there are so many other people doing this Whole 30 right along with me. xox

  13. Danielle says:

    Decided to start another Whole 30 along with the group, despite a vacation planned for the end of the month. It’ll be the last 5 days of the Whole 30 by then, so hopefully I’ll be so in the zone that I won’t allow myself to be derailed. At least we’ll be staying in a condo with a kitchen.

    Day 1: hard boiled egg & 1/2 banana pre-boot camp at 5:30 am. Breakfast: ground turkey/sauteed spinach/sun-dried tomato/spaghetti squash mash-up. Lunch: Homemade gazpacho; homemade chicken salad w/grapes, celery and walnuts; some cherries; an apple. Dinner: grilled salmon topped with homemade mango salsa; roasted asparagus; carrot sticks dipped in Sunshine Sauce (thanks, Melissa!); couple pieces of pineapple while cutting it for the kids post-dinner.

    Good luck and happy eating to all!

  14. Kate says:

    What a nice day you had! The Temple looks amazing and I think you’re lucky to go for runs in such a charming place!
    As for me my 1st day went fine, but I’m a little bit sick from before, but happily I’m on my way to getting better. I concentrate on drinking tons of herbal tea and make sure sleep enough.
    Good luck to you and all of us!

  15. Suzy says:

    It’s going great! I’m a day behind y’all. I wrote Melissa Hartwig and told her about my fatigue and depression (I’ve been eating paleo for 6 weeks now but this is my first whole30) and she suggested less fruit and more carby veg like sweet potatoes and squash. Eating that first sweet potato was like magic. I feel more energetic and my whole body relaxed. Looking forward to the rest of the month!

  16. Jenn says:

    This is my 2nd Whole 30 in a row, so I’m hoping for continued improvement in health & energy and to continue losing weight. I had a good Day 1 in terms of food (balsamic & garlic marinated pork for dinner was the highlight) and had a great workout (full-body strength training plus Day 1 of Couch-to-5K on the treadmill. But I couldn’t seem to motivate myself to translate that energy to my writing. Yesterday was also the start of Camp NaNoWriMo, and I’m already behind!

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