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Whole30 and Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potatoes

Posted Feb 11 2013 10:12pm

As you may know, I am embarking on the Whole30 Challenge to break some bad habits I have gotten into lately. I may not do this perfectly, but I am choosing to take control of my food and not the other way around! Here are the entries from this weekend:

Wow. I made some pretty bad choices yesterday. Not sure where that came from. I’ve been a little stressed lately about work, so I am going to assign poor decision making to that. Don’t judge me too harshly :0)

Friday, Day Two (at the Paleo Food Cart)

1/2 turkey patty w/ Small avocado and mustard

2 mini meatloafs with ketchup

bone broth and bacon wrapped dates

bone broth carrots

Dates and walnuts

2 mini meatloaves with aioli

Cashews, macadamia and almonds

Yikes!! Hardly any veggies!! No wonder I felt so unsatisfied and crappy yesterday! It’s good to keep track of what you’re eating because it may seem “healthy” at the time, but looking back, maybe not so much so.

Saturday, Day Three

Instant coffee (from Whole Foods) w/ coconut milk

@ Observatory

Salad with chicken, tomatoes, bacon, snap peas and lettuce. Brought my own aioli for dressing and avocado!

Trail mix (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, unsweetened cherries, coconut, cocao nibs)

Pulled Pork w/ homemade ketchup and cooked carrots

Dried apple slices and tea with coconut milk

Sunday, Day Four 

Bacon wrapped sweet potatoes with instant coffee and coconut milk (woke up at 4:30 craving these bad boys!)

“Cheesy” Spaghetti squash w/ turkey and an avocado

unsweetened apple sauce

kombucha and veggie chips (no sulfites listed)

My stomach has been pretty upset since starting this process, so I can only guess at why. Definitely going to work on eating more veggies for sure!

Here’s my recipe for Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potatoes!!



Sweet potatoes



Pre-heat oven to 375.

Cut bacon into 1/3 pieces. Peel and wash sweet potato. Cut into one inch cubes. Pull bacon (without ripping it) and you wrap it around the cube. Place “flap” side down on a rimmed baking sheet.

Bake for 20-30 minutes, then broil on high for 4-5 minutes, keeping a close watch to make sure they don’t burn. The broiling helps to crisp the bacon :0)

Let cool a bit and enjoy (I love mine cold!)



You may also be wondering about the new header banner….stay tuned for a big announcement on Wednesday!!

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