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Who is your best work out buddy?

Posted Oct 22 2010 12:00am
Maybe you don't need a partner in your exercise journey.  You go at it alone.  Lace up those worn out shoes, tie up your hair, and you are good-to-go.

Some individuals need trainers to hold them accountable or create workouts that continue to challenge them through muscle confusion.  I am huge fan of The Biggest Loser and would love for Bob and Jillian to put me through a workout session! Tell me what to do and eat, I am am your best client! Gorilla muscle heads and over-juiced muscles do not send me running to the gym...they send me running! But, not towards replicating that body type! Now that I have begun running with a purpose, I truly enjoy having a RUNNING BUDDY to join me for a long training run AND hold me accountable. (My purpose before was simply to fit in my jeans, but I am channeling my inner athlete again!!)
My marathon buddy: Harmony
Though "brunette pony" has joined me for multiple training runs and was the reason I pushed "SUBMIT" for the Portland Marathon, she is trumped by another: COOPER!!
When you own a dog, you own responsibility and commitment.  I have no choice but to exercise, at least twice daily, with Coop.  Every morning he expects to walk/run before work (45ish min), and immediately when I return home, after work (45-60 min).  Because Cooper is only 3 years old, he is still a high energy dog that requires exercise.  And, because his happiness is important to me, I comply!  You have to work really hard to get fat when you own a "Cooper", so he is my best work out buddy!  But, Spencer isn't far behind, that he is thinking about running a half-marathon with me!  Isn't he handsome?!
Who is your best work out buddy?!

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