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Who’s The Healthiest of Them All

Posted Nov 06 2012 9:02am

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the healthiest of them all?

I always love a good nutrition debate. My philosophy on nutrition is that science is ever changing, and you need to keep up with what is right—for you. Our food is unfortunately evolving faster than we are. We need to be aware of that and try to do what we can to educate ourselves and others so it doesn’t get any worse!

I like to look at healthy living as a journey, not a destination. I try not to get too hell-bent on one philosophy over another. I like to keep an open mind and just learn as much as possible. I think there is some truth in every popular perspective. But which is the best?


I bet you I could find quite a few people out there who attribute getting off of all medications, beating cancer, losing weight, or something off-kilter like finally having an orgasm due to going vegan. I bet you I could find others claiming the same from eating a Paleolithic diet. Then some just go simple—cut out processed foods, eat vegetables, portion control.

So who’s right?

No one. Everyone.

After reading about and studying and experimenting two extreme ends of the spectrum, here’s my “can’t we all just get along” and hate on the same things list:

I forever love Michael Pollan’s quote:


( photo source )

There are a few constants that I live and stand  by. Rant style:

  • Sugar is to be avoided. The average American needs to understand how much hidden sugar is in their diet. Sugar feeds heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hormonal problems. Sugar is addictive.
  • Artificial colors do not belong in our food
  • GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) do not belong in our food. Stop fucking with what I’m eating! Seriously. I’m pissed.
  • Shit chemicals do not belong in our food. Again, stop with the endocrine disrupting, cancer causing garbage in my food that I can’t pronounce. It makes me want to punch something.
  • Healthy living means not only eating healthy but being able to eat “unhealthy” sometimes and move on from it.
  • There is no one diet that is right for everyone. No one “diet” may not even be right for one individual throughout their life. We are all individual, with different internal gut flora balance and thrive on different foods.
  • More doctors need to start get a freaking clue and focus on food as medicine instead of always prescribing a pill, then another pill, then another pill to offset the other 5 pills side effects. Those pills that were potentially “sold” based on how cute and charming the Pharma rep was
  • Our food is evolving faster than we are as human beings. That’s scary. We need to stop it.
  • Move. Exercise. It doesn’t have to be extreme. You just need to move and move often, and over time you will be able to move faster.
  • Sleep. Get enough of it.

There are probably a few others I’m missing.

At the end of the day I think the healthiest diet is one that makes that person thrive. To steal a line from my friend Lisa —”We are all our own individual science projects. We need to experiment to find what is right for us.”

Unfortunately, it takes time, effort, education and motivation—so not everyone is willing to do it.

It’s finding a happy medium.

So what was so controversial about this? Nothing, I just needed to bitch. I know talk about this stuff all of the time.

That “controversial” post is still coming. It’s only controversial because I see how passionate both parties get. I want to open up a forum to discuss to diet extremes. Two that fascinate and inspire me. Two of which I am neither but love taking a closer look at. We can all play nice. There’s nothing like a good nutrition debate to get my juices flowing! Always learning and getting enlightened!

Stay posted…

And today is election day! If you’re in California make sure you vote YES to Prop 37! Start the trend and hopefully it spreads nation-wide! Our health depends on it! We need to take a stand!



I’m so excited to take Ella (and Big Bird) to vote with me today! Ella, if you haven;t noticed brings BB everywhere with her. We were at an outdoor market last weekend and some man walked by, pointed at Ella and said : “Oh look, Big Bird–she must me a democrat.” I’ll never tell who she’s voting for though! We just all got a kick out of that.


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