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Posted Jun 16 2013 12:00am

In case you didn’t notice, is now  I’ve been debating about changing my URL for quite some time now and this trip finally gave me the motivation to do it.  When I started this blog my focus was just fitness – working out, eating, healthy tips… but over time it’s definitely morphed into the journey of my life.  Of course healthy living, recipes and fitness are still part of that life but so is travel, friends, country music and whatever else happens to be on my mind.  I plan on keeping my blog around for a long time (or at least as long as the internet exists) and decided I wanted something a little more “classic” and tied more to me and so my name felt like the perfect choice.

A little story on my name – every gal in my mom’s family has a boy’s name – Billie, Randi, Tracy, Jeri so in keeping with that tradition I was suppose to be named Drew.  But a few days before I was born my parent’s friend had a boy and named him Andrew so I needed a new name.  The day I was born my dad walked into the waiting room with all my family and said “we have a Drew…a Whitney Drew.”  See, Whitney use to be a boy’s name (derived from local areas in England) but became super popular as a girls name when Whitney Houston burst on the scene in 1985.  Well I was born in 1982 so my name still technically was more popular with the boys and worked with the family tradition.

So there you have it.  A story for the new URL.  All your old links should be redirecting but in the future feel free to type in instead.  I haven’t changed things anywhere else in social media so no worries there.  And a huge thanks to Janice at Borden Lane Solutions   she helped me when I transitioned to self hosted and of course I knew I’d want her to help me with this.  I can’t recommend her enough.  If you need any blog help, check her out.  She also blogs at Fitness Cheerleader.

And because every post needs a pic, here’s a good one with my dad.  Fitting for Father’s Day and because my dad was the once that announced my name for the 1st time.


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