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Whiskey Peach and Onion Crostinis

Posted Sep 16 2011 7:11am

maker's mark and peaches

Three things are awesome about this recipe:

1. Whiskey
2. Peaches
3. It was created by an amazing local Baltimore chef who I happen to know!

First let’s have a little chat about reasons #1 and #2. I hate to admit, but I didn’t know peaches and whiskey are secret lovers on the side. Did you?

Yup while you’re off at work these two are getting are getting freaky in your kitchen. It’s Star magazine-level scandalous I tell you. If you’re lucky enough you can catch them canoodling in the fruit bowl.

But don’t be deceived, these two don’t like to be alone. They like a paaaaartaay! Things get quite saucy with a little sugar and a splash of balsamic vinegar too.

But seeing sweet always needs some savory in it’s life, caramelized onions need to join in the mix to slow things down. Maybe put on a little LL Cool J? Anyone, anyone? Don’t tell me I’m the only one with “Doin’ it” running through my head…

And of course toasted bread and goat cheese get added to the party, obviously everyone’s favorite party guest. Heck, they could join me morning, noon, and night if they like!

Now let’s get these beats bangn’ up in this hizzzouse!

Hmmm, somehow that doesn’t sounds quite right coming out of my mouth….

How about let’s get snazzy and throw the whole gang together now kids! Yay!

Yummy deliciousness.

Let me remind you this is not my creation. I didn’t realize the amazingness of this sweet and savory combo until the lovely Tracy Mullaney Frew aka the “ B’more Chef ” taught me this recipe. Yes, taught me and 20 other ladies at a bridal shower for my cousin how to make my new favorite appetizer: Whiskey Peaches and Onion Crostinis.

If you happen to be lucky enough to live in the Baltimore area and would like a catering for a party, cooking lessons, personal chef , or just be fed these every day while you sit and watch Real Housewives (that might come with an extra fee) – well Tracy is your woman! But if you aren’t a Bmore resident no worries, check out her blog with all her latest healthy recipes.

Now if you don’t mind me I’m off to make sure my fruit stops flirting with my wine rack. Kids these days…geesh!

Whiskey Peach & Onion Crostinis


2.5 cups fresh diced peaches (skin on)
1/3 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup water
2 tbsp Whiskey (or bourbon or other dark liquor)
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
6oz log of goat cheese
1 french baguette thinly sliced
2-3 tbsp olive oil
2 1/3 tbsp minced garlic
1 tbsp fresh thyme minced
salt and pepper to taste


Whiskey Peach Mixture:

1. Add peaches and water to sauce pan over medium/high heat. Stir and put lid on.

2. After 2-3 min stir peaches and slowly start breaking up with potato masher (or smash with spoon on side of pot)

3. Once peaches break down (5-6 min) add sugars and then reduce heat to simmer. Cover and continue stirring and mashing peaches every 2-3 min.

4. Once peaches are lumpy mixture, remove from heat and add whiskey. Put back on heat and cook another 2 min. Add in vinegar, stir, and let cool.

1. Heat olive oil in saute pan.

2. Add oinions, heavy pinch of salt, and pepper to pan. Stir every 1-2 minutes to avoid burning.

3. After 10 min add garlic and stir.

4. Onions are ready when they’re a carmel color (15-20 min).

Building Crostinis

Lightly toast baguette slices. Smear with goat cheese. Add small teaspoon of onions and then peach mixture. Top off with fresh minced thyme.

Happy Friday friends!

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