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Where do I start?

Posted by Syndie

I'm 51, very overweight and smoke.  I have hip, knee and back problems.  For a very long time I suffered from severe depression and didn't care about myself whether I lived or died.  Now, I want to live life to it's fullest. I just want to be healthy, toned, pain free and smoke free.  Be able to walk without having to stop because I can't breathe, or my hips ache.  I want to feel good again.  I want energy without loading up on coffee or energy pills. Where do I start?
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thats great! okay, so number one get some support. someone thats going to say dont do that. i would go and see the doctor before going to the gym or doing physical activity they will tell you the best way to slowly build up your muscles. having muscle tone is really good as you age, (your not old, but for later on) because it decreases the risks of becoming dependant on the help of others. also you could bring up the smoking to him, you dont want to just quit as it could be a huge shock and you dont want to relapse.

wish you luck!!!!

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