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When & Why You Should Chose Homeopathy

Posted Mar 27 2013 9:29am
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With March already half gone and we’re starting to see the small signs of spring in the air, which always means allergies and colds are still headed our way. Even the continual rain and wet weather my area has been getting, it’s enough to make you feel sick just looking out the window. Literally it’s raining sideways again today. :( This year’s cold and flu season  has been a doozy. We all tend to run to our doctors for every ache, pain, sneeze, and cough for a prescription. But what if the answer is right in our homes. What if we didn’t have to subject ourselves to everyone else’s contamination and another round of antibiotics?

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying don’t ever go to the doctors to get an annual check up or if you can’t kick that super bug than definitely get to the nearest doctors. But maybe we all don’t need a prescription every allergy season or every time we have a headache, pop an aspirin.  Or even when we  have a bad nights sleep, we run to the medicine cabinet for a heavy sleep aid . What if instead we tried homeopathic remedies first to see if we could let our bodies fight what’s ailing us naturally?

Homeopathic remedies are one of the gentlest and safest healing therapies in the world with no known side effects for over 200 years. This very reason is why we should choose the natural way to heal ourselves before filling our bodies with ”toxic therapies.” Surgeries and continual prescription abuse weakens our bodies, immune systems, and pushes us further into ill-health.

Continual prescription ”cocktails” and abuse leads to our vulnerability to disease, weakened immune systems, and chronic illness. By not allowing the body to naturally heal and fight back we’ve convinced the body to have “a quick fix” by treating the current conditions and symptoms, to then wait and hope that the body will not be exposed again. Healthy people with strong immune systems can be exposed to flu, cold, and other ailments, which in turn allows the body to fight back naturally by developing resistance and healing capabilities.

If we continue to fill our bodies with toxins, the body never has to the chance to fully take on the illness, causing the immune system to weaken, causes longer recovery and healing time. This also allows the body to become susceptible to other illnesses or disease in the process which in turn causes the vicious cycle, allotting into another round of drugs. Understanding how to take care of your overall health, allows you to be in charge of your own health and it’s healing process.

Homeopathy is exceptionally ideal for children and the elderly which most times have compromised immune systems through infancy or age. But it is also perfect for everyone living in today’s world. Homeopathy is great for acute conditions including stress, colds, flu, and minor accidents. It can also be used for chronic illness, such as chronic fatigue, hay fever, acne, reoccurring ear infections, anxiety, and asthma. The list is endless. Remember homeopathy is holistic, and it does not seek to diagnose a condition. And never avoid emergency medicine. Homeopathy can be used by everyone to promote better strength, health, longevity, and vitality.

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