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When was the last time you got sick??

Posted by Dareen

Have you been doing right to your body?? 

When you do get sick, what do you do to releive the pain, symptoms or overcome it all?

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Man, I haven't gotten sick in FOREVER! It's been pretty much one year. I take lots of vitamins, eat very healthfully, exercise daily, get a lot of sleep and drink a lot of liquids! That's my stay healthy routine! :) When I am sick with a head cold it usually lasts a day and I try just to ignore it, sleep a little more and keep a roll of toilet paper and a plastic bag next to the bed so I can blow my nose when I need to. LOL.

Like GiGi, I can't remember the last time either [Knock on woods!]. People are actually not supposed to get sick. Sicknessis the result of weak immune system. And week immune system results from doing the wrong things: i.e not exercising, eating junk food, not getting enough sleep, over-stressing, not smiling enough etc...These things should be very easy to do!


I had a cold last week, but it only lasted about four or five days. I also only needed to take a decongestant three of those days. Normally I don't take anything, but I had a sinus infection after the cedar pollen gave me terrible allergies in December and clogged my nasal passages. It was painful and exhausting so I've been quick to use a powerful decongestant whenever I can't breathe so it doesn't happen again.

Oh, and some of us don't have the luxury of "not getting enough sleep, over-stressing, not smiling enough etc..." though I congratulate anyone who isn't in a position like the majority of people who work retail, lol. 

lizz.. have you checked out my post about allergy relief and allergy prevention.  Specific foods help up the amount of nutrients that prevent future allergy reactions.  Obviously each and every allergy has it's severity. And if you feel the need for an extreme decongestant, since we all need to breathe - then do so. But to avoid the nasty everyday annoyances an apple may help... plus more..   check it out. 

Gigi... good to hear of your health.  You got all the rules down!!

in this world it's  hard to stay all healthy all the time.. so balance is key. I don't just treat my self when i'm sick.. I remember to do it on a regular feel good day. Unknowingly you do your body good with such  simple routines

Kodjo....well... we are supposed to get sick.... sick is our body saying.. hey buddy do something... i need a fix.  Just like a sink pipe may start to leak... it's about fixing it.  (we get our fixes mainly from food, exercise, & sleep)   the rest follow.. even stress. If your eating a generally healthy diet, your stress levels automatically decline since you have suitable hormones ready to deal with any situation.

You said it right with the weak immune system is caused by doing the wrong things, and unfortunately in this day and age we aren't being fully told the "right" that is to our body. 

and yes! it's easy.. i mean natural is natural... it's gotta be easy!


Thank you all for the feedback!!

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