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When to send a treadmill to the graveyard.

Posted Nov 14 2012 9:56pm
I have been so good about working out and eating healthy for about the past year. In a typical week I work out with my trainer 2x a week for an hour, go to hot yoga 3x a week for an hour and a half, and run or bike every morning that I can. What has the result been? Clarity, overall physical and mental health, and endurance. With as many triathlons that I have done, I have never ever been a good runner. Now, I can at least run- I guess being in better shape will do that to you in general. So truly, I am happy with my progress. I really have not over obsessed about exercise and eating as I have done in the past. Such obsessions really formulate cognitive distortions which then breed an unhealthy lifestyle. With that, I have stopped going to the gym. Craziness you might think. But I have created a system in which I can really do everything I need at home aside from swimming which can be remedied considering the fact I live on an island and near at least 20 beaches. 

Enter this morning. I get up, 4:30AM as I always do, drink my glass of V8 fruit fusion and head into the garage. In the colder months, I must say my garage is freaking freezing. But, once I start running I go and go and go for 3.1 miles and then hit the shower before work. Really, this has been my routine since school started back up in September. Each day, I grab my good ol ipod and blast a little music to get through about 35 minutes of running. I listen to the same silly playlist everyday which I have titled "skinny jeans." All with nice peppy songs to get me going in the morning. So, once again I get up and head to the garage and start running.....5 minutes in I almost fall off the treadmill when it just stops- more specifically the belt stopped, the power went off and it was inoperable. This has happened before to me- and with a switch of a button it always would start back up again. Today, I hit the button and moved on with my run. But, within 5 minutes it happened again, and again, and again. 

Here lies the problem. I bought the treadmill when I moved to Pittsburgh- 10 years ago. Then, I moved to Maryland and it sat in a storage facility, then I moved to NY where it began in the outside room of my parents until it was moved into my garage. So, what I am saying is it is old. But- should I get it fixed or buy a new one....the debate is on. When is it time to retire a treadmill and move into the present in order to get the most recent technology. If I should retire it then....what should I get? Where should I get it? If I should fix it-how do I go about getting that process going? Decisions, decisions.

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