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When to Replace Your Running Shoes

Posted Oct 18 2012 6:00am

Hi friends!  I took a leave of absence from the blog yesterday … did you miss me? ;)  My “to do” list was a mile long in preparation to leave today for DC for the Army Ten Miler.  Like all things in life, blogging is about balance!


My fall racing calendar is in full swing with the Army Ten Miler this weekend and the Savannah Rock’N'Roll Half in 2 weeks.  I am focused on being 100% ready and am thinking about my #FitGear for these races.  Last month I started noticing my knees hurting more and my ankles feeling tight.  I started adding up the miles and realized that my running shoes were nearing the end of their running life.  Lucky for me I won a gift care to Brooks in a Twitter chat with GymPact last month and I was able to order new shoes right away.  I already wrote about how to pick your running shoes so today I am focusing on when to replace them.


New Running Shoes: Brooks Adrenalines


First it’s important to note that how you run, where you run, and your frame (IE: height, weight, etc) effects how long your running shoes will last.  Here are some signs that you might want to replace your running shoes:


1.  You have run 300-500 miles.  A good pair of running shoes should last you this long.  I use Daily Mile to keep track of my miles and I know other people Sharpie the date they start using their shoes into the lip of the shoe.


2.  You have more aches and pains than normal.  This is usually the signal to me to replace my running shoes.  My joints start hurting more and recovery takes longer after runs from the loss of cushioning and support.


3.  Your shoes show sign of wear.  If the sole of your shoes is starting to be smooth from wear the time is coming to retire those shoes.


**Edited to add: It is important to note that these are some loose guidelines.  Trust your body.  Your shoes might last longer or shorter amounts of time and use.


I rotate my new running shoes into my running slowly.  I start them off by running a couple short runs and then slowly work them into long runs.  Once I am comfortable and confident in them I retire my old running shoes to yard work and chores.  It’s amazing how good a new pair of running shoes feels!


How often do you replace your running shoes?  What is your tell tale sign the time has come?



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