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When the Lazy Monster Strikes

Posted Dec 01 2012 10:02am
11/30/12 Sweaty Results:
Run: I have all the excuses in the world but none of them are worth writing home about. I didn't run yesterday. Plain and simple.  

In the first week of half marathon training I've already missed two runs. Thankfully, I just received word the world is not ending because of my decision to befriend the Lazy Monster. 

The Lazy Monster tells me things like:
1. Just sit on the couch blogging for another hour, you can run later. It won't hurt anything.
2. It's too cold this morning, you should wait for this afternoon when temps are higher.
3. Oh look, the temps are higher but the winds have really picked up. You don't want to be blown away, do you Dorothy?
4. You just ate 1.5 hours ago, you should wait another 30 minutes before you run.
5. You don't feel very good, do you? I know, I can tell. You probably shouldn't run today.
6. It's a 40 minute tempo run. If it was only 3 miles you would run. But 40 minutes? That's a long time. 
7. You just don't have time today because you filled your day with excuses and now it's over and you're dumb.

Is it just me or does this happen to everyone? And why, at the time, are these pitiful excuses so compelling? 

A friend of mine shared a Hugh Prather quote with me the other day:

"If the desire to write is not accompanied by actual writing, then the desire must be not to write."

Translated for runners who find themselves frequently kidnapped by the Lazy Monster:
With that, I'm going for a run.

Today's Sweaty Sesh: (That is happening RIGHT NOW!)
Run: 3 miles 

Wanna Share?
What do you do to overcome the dreaded Lazy Monster?

I read quotes about being lazy and then presto, I'm out the door and running. 
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