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When Obsessions Become Addictions

Posted Nov 17 2012 7:45am
First, lets start with the real important stuff. The winner of the  Navitas Naturals giveaway....

Joni, I sent you an email. Please make sure to check your spam if you don't see it.

I'll have another giveaway any day now so be sure to check back in. Or like me on can get my giveaways there. Just click the "Giveaway" tab and the latest Rafflecopter giveaway will be there.

On another note, don't you hate it that it's all bright and sunny when you go to work but dark when you leave? I feel like I gave the best hours to work. 

I love my  Firmoo  glasses! And no, I don't recommend driving and taking pics of yourself. 

Foodie Chat:

Breakfast:  Smoothie. As if there is another option (Spinach, banana, blueberries, Navitas Naturals Flax and Maca Powders). Yes, I drink my smoothies in the car in my Blender Bottle. I have to do something else besides take pictures. Joking.  If you're a police officer please feel free to leave comments about the dangers of not paying attention when you drive. We can all use a reminder every now and then. 

I am not crazy about this picture but it took until I was half asleep and dead tired to realize that' my arm in the pic and not some of weird blue log.

Dinner:  Tilapia with rice and carrots. Jeffrey got to partake. He loves it when the furless people share. 


I was going to try and skip but Jill Conyers had this great post on  No Excuses. I read that at lunch time, came home and procrastinated. Tried using my MILs visit as an excuse not to work out. Then I read  Jenelle's Fitness Friday  post. She really #getafterit each and every day. So at almost 10:00 pm, I went downstairs and got a mile in. Jeffrey supervised. 

Here's the deal. I LOVE to workout but my reading obsession is getting in the way. Umm...okay, I admit it. reading and blogging has become an addiction lately. The weird thing is that without my workouts and cooking I feel lost. I also don't have anything to write about. 

How to overcome an addiction...

1. Give it up, give it up, come on darlin' give it up. Yes, just stop.

Some addictions are harder than that because you can't just turn them off completely. Like a food addiction. You can't stop eating completely!  But you can stop eating junk. What does that mean for reading, blogging, or computer until my other things are done. 

2. Don't carry it around with you

If it's food, don't carry unhealthy things. Carry some peanuts or a banana. If its reading and blogging, no more carrying around extra reading materials all the time. No more turning on my netbook at home until everything else is done. 

3. Learn to think good thoughts

You're not giving up something or punishing yourself. You're learning moderation. Treating your body and mind with respect.

4. Don't get trigger finger

What causes you to eat to much ...or read to much ...or whatever? Know what your soft spot is and find a way to avoid it or have a plan for dealing with it when it comes up. 

5. Get support

Go to your family and friends to help support you. Have them hold you accountable. And support them with whatever they need help with. The give and take is good for your heart and mind and gives you perspective. 

What I Read:

In addition to the above, I also saw this on Twitter:

They don't play around over at  SKORA Running. It's gotta put a smile on your face.

Weekend Plans

  • Design a new workout, practice it until I'm sure it's good
  • Run 6 miles total
  • Make grocery list, shop, get some regular cooking and Thanksgiving prep done
  • Church
Do you have an addiction you need to gain control of? What do you think about leaving work in the dark? Do you run outside in the winter?
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