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When Massages Bruise...

Posted Nov 14 2009 10:02pm
Hey guys,

So remember I was telling you yesterday about that excruciating PT massage? Well, turns out it actually left a bruise! Haha, I remember him warning me that he wasn't trying to bruise me, but not to be surprised if I see one there in the morning. I was like, come on. It takes a lot to bruise someone with your fingers. But yep, he managed! I definitely have a purple patch on my tensor fasciaelatae muscle. Fabulous ;) In all honesty though, I don't care what they have to do to fix my hip. I just want this sucker healed!

And just to put this on the record I do lovePhysical Therapy. I want to be a PT and help all people in pain live a better quality of life. I think it's a fascinating field, I just don't love it all that much when I, myself, have to be a patient for.... oh, about 2 months now? I actually still like going because it's a fun environment and the PTs are awesome, but I'd rather be doing the preventive care stuff or volunteering instead of being there with an injury ;)

I was pretty wiped last night and ended going to bed around 1o. Then I didn't get up til about 11 ;) Breakfast was still on the menu, so I made some apple oats:

I quick- freezed em by putting in the freezer after cooking for about 5 minutes so I didn't have to wait 10-15 for them to cool ;) That's why the top looks a lil different. Tasted amazing, though!

For some reason, I really wanted to have my cookies n' cream protein powder this morning.:

But I didn't think they'd go well with my oats. The desire to have it won out and I took a chance putting a bit in the oats. You know what? It actually tasted really good! I also had chocolate powder, stevia, and cinnamon in there so it was like double chocolate cinnamon cookies n' cream w/ cooked apple. Yum!

After going to Whole Foods, I came back and made a salad with these Lightlife steak style Smart Strips:

They were pretty good! They tasted kinda like TJ'sbeefless strips. I had them in this HUGE salad with Annie's lite gingerly vinaigrette:

I wish I had a darker marinade (like Annie's Island Marinade ) for my salad, but I was all out.

I wanted to take a walk since it was so nice out today (65 degrees!), but I didn't want to just go walk along my street. I wasn't in the mood for honks and catcalls today. So I decided to check out a nearby park with trails called Papago Park. It was actually really nice there! I'll have to go again and take my camera. There was a shady path along a canal and by/up a mountain. I saw some people horseback riding there, too :)

I came back to have a big bowl of chocolate protein yogurt:

And a Zevia Root Beer Whipped Cream Float:

Topped with cinnamon. I poured the rest of the can in as I went ;)

I'll probably have another snack later, and I also got some of the Celestial Seasonings holiday teas today at Whole Foods! Yay!

Q: How has your weekend been going so far?

Hope you guys had an awesome Saturday :)
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