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When Life Gets In The Way

Posted Feb 20 2013 12:48pm
I used to think I had a really good handle on the work/life balance thing. Or I guess in my case its work/life/school balance.

Lately, it would appear that I was mistaken.

Yesterday, after leaving work early, I’m pretty sure I bombed my statistics exam. I tried to study for it, I really did, but it’s just so hard. I mean, it’s math that looks like this:

I can study it all I want, that doesn’t mean I’m going to understand.

I was freaking out all day yesterday because I knew I wasn’t ready, but then the first few questions on the exam weren’t so bad, and I started feeling pretty good. That’s when life slapped me right across the face. I got to the actual math part, and had no idea what to do. In fact, instead of numbers, I just wrote down words because I had to put something.

Yah. There may have been some emotional eating after that. And wine.

Speaking of emotional eating, I’ve been doing a lot of that lately, and it’s a bit of a problem seeing as how I can barely workout. My knee is not getting any better, and I feel like I’ve been icing it more often than not. Even at work.

My x-ray results came back and showed nothing abnormal, which I find hilarious considering the GIANT LUMP. The doctor thinks I have Osgood Schlatter disease (which typically happens in children, of course I would develop a children’s disease), and wants me to go for physio. Another thing I don’t have time for, but have to figure out a way to get done. Excellent.

Add trying to have a life on top of that, and it’s basically a mess. At least I have some amazing friends that don’t mind when I show up for dinner with a box of wine and a half eaten cake as my contribution.

That’s true friendship right there.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m failing at life right now. I know I’ll figure it out and manage to get everything balanced eventually, but right now, everything’s all over the place.

Good thing there’s always Lexie cuddles to make it seem a little less sucky.

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