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When bones the "kaka" sound up

Posted Nov 17 2012 1:25pm
Entering middle age, who appeared the most obvious change is the knee bone occasionally,  Hermes bag   up and down the stairs "Kaka" sound to inform the joint began to degenerate, and now began to pay attention to maintenance and prevention of joint problems deteriorate still not later than.

The day-to-day care of knee pain principle timely rest to prevent fatigue, less weight, daily activities,  Hermes handbags outlet  pay attention to prevent further wear and tear on the knee, and avoid long frequent downstairs, running, climbing.

In addition, the knee To keep warm, especially in cold climates or long stay in air-conditioned room office or go to bed,  Hermes bags birkin   and must avoid exposure to cold or damp stimulus, keeping warm clothing should be appropriate to wear.

The most arthritis among people suffering from osteoarthritis

Among the many arthritis, Hermes kelly   it is up to Singaporeans suffering from osteoarthritis. This is a degenerative arthritis, the joints of patients feel pain, stiffness, swelling of the affected area, including the knees, hands, spine and shoulders. Osteoarthritis is a senile, traumatic degeneration of articular cartilage destruction, Hermes lindy bag  and is characterized by hyperostosis senile bone and joint diseases. 
The cause of elderly patients with osteoarthritis of the long-term use of the joint, the greater the age, the higher the incidence. More than 100 kinds, types of arthritis affect people of different ages. Hermes constance bag  300 million 55 million arthritis sufferers worldwide, of which 100 million 90 million people suffering from osteoarthritis.

Junior high school late stage symptoms of osteoarthritis

The the local Rheumatology Specialist Consultant Ruanjin Han pointed out, young people are also troubled by osteoarthritis, less than 40 years old, about 5% of patients with osteoarthritis;  Hermes wallets   aged 45 to 50 years old, accounting for 10%; 20% of the more than 60 years of age, after the age of 70 accounted for 25%. In addition to aging, weight, joint injuries, infections, endocrine and metabolic diseases, osteoarthritis may form. The doctor recommended that obese people lose weight, reduce shut knee burden,  Hermes belt   to minimize the weight-bearing joints in the daily life and work, and try to avoid the squat position postural.

Osteoarthritis, the most common is osteoarthritis of the knee, can be divided into several stages:

Early articular cartilage began to wear degradation minor symptoms,  Hermes watch   patients may feel intermittent pain and discomfort of the knee joint.

Mid-term continuous wear of the articular cartilage degradation, smooth organization loses its lubricating function, Hermes bangle  and thus the formation of articular cartilage loses its elasticity. Smooth cartilage surfaces rubbing against each other, and further damage to the cartilage and bone surrounding parts of the breeding spurs. At this time, feel pain and stiffness in the joints of patients is growing, Hermes boots   the start of the operation has been limited.
A later stage, the articular cartilage has begun to drop, the pressure increases between the bone and joint, once the cartilage is completely off, the friction between the bones and the bones,  Hermes shoes   will cause serious wear and tear, which in turn caused intense pain.
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