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Wheat Germ and a Healthy Twist to Recipes

Posted Dec 12 2010 5:43am

Wheat Germ and its health benefits

The goldmine of nutrients – Wheat Germ is a boon to all those looking out for good health and nutrition in their diet.  These are some of the most nutritious foods discovered and being popularized in the modern times. Foods, which were unheard of a few decades, back.

My mom started blinking when I informed her that I mix Wheat Germs to the regular wheat flour to make chapattis and other recipes . But was delighted with the fact she was getting extra nutrients without sacrificing the taste and texture change in her daily bread (chapattis).

This inexpensive yet highly nutritious food gives a nutty flavor and crispy texture when roasted on slow heat.

Composition of Wholewheat; The composition of a grain is already explained in another article on Lite Bite , here.

Bran, Endosperm and the Germ.

Wheat Germ is a very small part of the wheat kernel, and is the reproductive part of the grain, which germinates into the wheat grass. Most of the nutrients are present in this part of a grain.

Health Benefits;

  • Wheat germs are a good source of the mineral Folic acid, good for pregnant women and for preventing some of the neural defects in newborn babies.
  • Vitamin E is the other important nutrient present in wheat germ, which is good for skin and anti aging properties.
  • Wheat germ has Omega 3 in it, a kind of essential fats our body cannot make, and is outsourced from external food. Omega 3 helps against heart ailments and reducing cholesterol.
  • Presence of fibers in wheat germ makes it help reduce obesity and diabetes.
  • It is a good source of Vitamin B12, B6 and amino acid.
  • The other minerals present in Wheat Germ are iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, thiamin, zinc, calcium, folate, selenium and phosphorous.

Prudent ways to use Wheat Germs;

  • The best and the healthiest way to use wheat germ is to roast it on slow fire and sprinkle it on yogurt, porridge or milkshakes.
  • Use it in pancake batter for a healthy breakfast recipes.
  • Cakes, muffins and cookies could be made baked using wheat germ and wheat flour.
  • Granola for kids could be made more nutritious by adding wheat germs in it.
  • Mix it in your dips, spreads and chutney recipes.
  • You can add the roasted wheat germ to any curry or casserole dishes.
  • Add it in your regular whole-wheat flour and make chapattis.
Wheat germ Muffins

Wheat germ Muffins


  1. Since the presence of oil in wheat germs makes it prone to go rancid very quick, always store it in refrigerator. It stays good for 8-9 months when refrigerated.
  2. Roast the wheat germs after opening the pack and store it in a zip lock bag and refrigerate it.
  3. Always buy a good branded product and store it.

More about Wheat Germ here;

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