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What you Should Know Before Starting a Raw Juice Diet

Posted Oct 17 2011 7:00am
A glass of Orange juice.

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So, you decided to start a raw juice diet. Are you aware of the precautions needed?

To start, a very important thing to be taken into consideration is to drink the juice immediately after being made. It is not advised to use frozen juices or even canned ones. A juice extractor is needed to be used to make the juice.

Organic and fresh ripe fruit and vegetables are preferred over other types.

Extract only the quantity of the juice that you are going to drink. Do not store your juice for later use. Even if you store it in the fridge it will lose the medicinal value and the raw juice diet won’t have the necessary components.

The quality of the juice varies. It depends on the quality of the fruit or vegetables and how it was extracted. If the juice is not fully extracted several nutrients like vitamins and enzymes can be lost in the process.

In case the juices are very sweet it is advisable to dilute it in water on a 50:50 basis. Another option is to mix them with not so sweet juices.

Keep your raw juice diet rich in nutrients by choosing the right fruits and vegetables and keeping the extraction method efficient.

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