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What You Need to Know About Disability Insurance – Disability Insurance 101

Posted Aug 31 2010 6:22am

< p> If you become disabled through injury, sickness, or other circumstances and have not been able to work for a year, then you may be eligible for social security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits. But, like any other encompassing public program, finding your way around the social security disability benefits’ system on your own can be a hard and at times exasperating undertaking. Just obtaining the required forms, background information and medical data can become a challenge. Mistakes in completing forms, incorrect or incomplete back-up information, and submittal errors are some of the reasons that claims are initially denied or re-submittals requested. For these and other reasons, you should consider discussing your situation with an SSDI lawyer. SSDI attorneys are experts in social security disability law and in working face-to-face with social security representatives. An SSDI lawyer can help ease you through this vital, but often complex program.

  juegos    Your policy should give you details how much you are going to be paid. It also details the following:

* How soon after your disability that payments start coming in the mail.
* When your insurance payouts will stop.

 Like in any other type of pre-need program, the benefit period depends on different factors. In this case, the benefit period is dependent on whether the disability was caused by an illness or an accident. How much do the premiums cost? The premiums for this type of coverage really vary from one provider to another, but in general, the longer your benefit period, the higher the premiums you need to pay.

It Should Have an “Own Occupation Policy”
Many times these disability insurance policies have a clause that requires “any occupation.” This is generally referring to the fact that you may be required to change your line of work for your insurance coverage to pay out to you.

Should Have a Lengthy Benefit Period
Another trick that many disability insurance companies will play on you is that they will have a high payout in terms of percentage of your income, but you might get the money for far less time. Which would you rather have: $700 per month for 6 months or $650 for a year? These are the factors you have to look at. Generally, you should always go for the lengthier benefit period regardless even if you have to take a decreased amount per month.

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