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What You Need To Know About Cancer Prevention- Part 3

Posted Dec 10 2008 9:18pm



This is the final article on What You Need To Know About Cancer Prevention.

In this final article which is Garbage Out we’ll be discussing about some of the factors that hinder the natural processes of our bodies to detoxify and eliminate these poisonous substances from our bodies.


Wearing a bra

There is a strong link between wearing a bra and breast cancer. Apparently, the restrictive nature of bras inhibits the lymphatic system (an internal network of vessels and nodes that flushes wastes from the body) from doing its job.

The mammary glands are filled with lymphatic vessels that move from the breast, through the axillary lymph nodes under the armpit, over the collar bone, to the thoracic duct. This is how the breast drains toxins and keeps its internal environment clean.

If something impedes the cleansing process, an imbalance occurs and the sex hormone by-products become destructive molecules called free radicals that begin cellular damage (called lipid peroxidation) which leads to breast cancer.

The correlation between bras and breast cancer is 4 times greater than smoking is to lung cancer!

Women who wear tight-fitting bras 24 hours a day are 125 times more likely tohave breast cancer than women who do not wear bras at all.

For more information, read Dressed To Kill: The Link between Breast Cancer and Bras by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer.

One study was done of two groups of Fiji women with the same diet, environment and lifestyle, half of whom wore bras and the other half not. Those wearing bras had the same rate of breast cancer as women living in the USA, whereas the braless Fiji women had practicallv no breast cancer. The weight of braless breasts causes the breasts to swing and bob naturally as the person moves, which pumps the lymphatic tissue.

Even lumps in the breast have sometimes vanished after stopping bra use. Some breast lumps and congestions arise from insufficient blood and lymph flow in the breasts and armpits and/or from blocked milk ducts (whether lactating or not), both of which are favored by bra wearing.

Pushup bras are said to be the most restrictive. If you cannot discontinue wearing a bra, consider wearing one as little as possible, and use a bra that allows some breast motion, without cutting tightly under and along the outer edges of the breasts where the milk ducts are located.

Dr David G. Williams in his April 1994 Alternatives newsletter pointed out that, “from tests performed at breast screening clinics, carcinogenic agents are often found in both the breast tissue and the fluids extracted from the nipple.” He goes on to add that “high levels of DDT, PCBs, dioxins, and heavy metal[s]” have been found in breast milk.

The good news, he states, is there is a very simple technique that might prevent cancer: nipple stimulation. Dr Williams reports that during nipple stimulation, oxytocin is produced, which stimulates the sac-like glands and small muscles in the breast to contract and help clear the breast of carcinogens. Dr Williams recommends that any woman over the age of 18 should examine her breasts at least monthly, and two or three times a week, she should gently stimulate the circulation to her nipples, three minutes per nipple.

Additionally, a breast massage from China is used for prevention and for existing tumors. Once you’ve done the nipple massage, rub your breasts in ever increasing circles and finish each stroke rubbing toward the armpit where the lymph glands are located. Do this a minimum of three times a week, a minimum of three minutes per breast.

Also, stimulating the lymph glands (tapping them lightly for one minute) is something that is part of a daily routine for over one million Chinese. Raise your arm, and, using the base of the thumb on the opposite arm (hand), “whap” your armpit repeatedly. Do not do it so hard as to cause any discomfort, just a slight tap is all you need.

Fragrances (found everywhere!) impacting our immune system

Synthetic fragrances may accumulate in out bodies and inhibit our body’s immune system. It is the immune system that fights other environmental toxins, and cancer when it arises in our body.

“Synthetic musks that are widely used as fragrances in products such as soaps, cosmetics and detergents may reduce the body’s ability to defend against toxic compounds”, says a study in the January 2005 issue of Environmental Health Perspectives.

About 8,000 metric tons of synthetic musks are produced worldwide each year. In laboratory research using human tissue, researchers at Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station found that exposure to synthetic musks inhibited the tissue’s natural defenses against toxic compounds.

This effect persisted long after the end of the tissue’s exposure to the synthetic musks. These musks concentrate in fats, including breast milk, and remain in human tissue long after exposure. This study’s suggestion that they could harm the body’s ability to fight other toxicants certainly merits further examination,” states Dr. Jim Burkhart, science editor for Environmental Health Perspectives.

Light exposure at night suppressing melatonin

Breast Cancer

The nighttime hormone melatonin puts breast cancer cells to sleep. It also slows breast cancer growth by 70%.

David E. Blask, MD, PhD, of Bassett Research Institute in Cooperstown, N.Y., reported these 2004 findings to the American Association for Cancer Research.

Breast cancers get revved up by a kind of dietary fat called linoleic acid. Melatonin interacts with linoleic acid, so he gave melatonin to mice implanted with human breast cancers.

“This breast cancer rev-up mechanism gets revved down by melatonin,” Blask said at a news conference. “Nighttime melatonin is a relevant anticancer signal to human breast cancers. Ninety percent of human breast cancers have specific receptors for this signal.”

The hormone seeps from a pea-sized gland in the brain when the lights go out at night. It’s the reason you get sleepy when it’s dark. Blask and colleagues found that melatonin puts cancer cells to sleep, too.

Blask’s team exposed lab mice with human breast cancers to constant light. Tumor growth skyrocketed.
“With constant light, tumors grow seven times faster and soak up incredible amounts of linoleic acid,” he says. “During the day, the cancer cells are awake and linoleic acid stimulates their growth. But at night cancer cells go to sleep. When we turn on lights at night for a long time, we suppress melatonin and revert back to the daytime condition.”

The finding may explain why nurses who often work the night shift have high rates of breast and colon cancer.
Blask says clinical trials are under way to see whether melatonin supplements can help treat cancer. It may also help in other ways.

“When you take melatonin prior to normal onset of sleep, it will [jump-start the sleep cycle],” he notes.

“Many cancer patients suffer from sleep problems. Melatonin may also improve the quality of life in cancer patients by helping them sleep.”

Children’s Leukemia

A growing body of evidence linking increased night light to certain types of cancer has led researchers to suspect it could be connected to the steady increase in cases of childhood leukemia.

Scientists presenting research at the First International Scientific Conference on Childhood Leukemia said that light at night (LAN) and working shifts, which disrupts the body’s internal clock, have been associated with an raised risk of breast and colorectal cancer.

“We don’t know whether abnormal light exposure is generating this higher incidence of childhood leukemia or not, but in view of what we know of other forms of cancer this is not unreasonable,” Russell Foster, a molecular neuroscientist at Imperial College London, said in an interview.

Leukemia is the commonest cancer in young children.

Studies have shown that a reduction in melatonin is linked to an increased risk of certain cancers.

“As an antioxidant, in many studies melatonin has been shown to protect DNA from oxidative damage. Once damaged, DNA may mutate and carcinogenesis may occur,” stated one researcher.

“Misuse of light may be contributing to a number of different cancers including the increasing incidence of leukemia in children,” the researcher added. This includes having a night-light on for children who may be afraid of the dark.

One wonders whether the growth of television and video games over the last 50 years, which means many children stay up later at night, has contributed to the growth in childhood cancer. This night-time light could be suppressing the natural production of melatonin that would otherwise fight the free radicals that damage DNA, leading to cancer.

The rise in childhood cancer has occurred at the same time as the growth of television and video games!

Read Natural Cancer Treatments for information about melatonin and over 350 other cancer -fighting, non-toxic cancer treatments!

Prostate congestion and prostate cancer

In a similar way that massage helps drain toxins from women’s breasts, massage also helps drain carcinogens from men’s prostate glands, and can be highly beneficial in treating prostatis and BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy). Studies have shown that women who breastfeed and men who ejaculate frequently, are significantly less at risk for breast and prostate cancer, respectively… because of their actions that drain these two organs.

Dr David Williams in his February 2005 Alternatives Newsletter writes that “Before drugs became the accepted first line of treatment for prostate problems, massage was used successfully, without hesitation, by practically all doctors…. Prostate massage fell out of favor not because it was ineffective, but because there was no money in it for the pharmaceutical companies.”

Research underlines the importance of maintaining adequate levels of zinc to prevent the development of prostate cancer. Preventing congestion caused by either obstruction or infrequent drainage, is also important.

Dr Williams advises there is a very helpful device called the Pro-State Massager. “”It can be a lifesaver to someone suffering from prostatis or BPH… It promotes increased circulation to the gland and helps reduce congestion, swelling and inflammation.” He recommends the “PS New” Model. It can be ordered from or by phone at 713-680-8840.

Dr Williams states “In the few published studies, it appears prostate massage often lowers PSA levels ” which should make it one of the first lines of treatment for prostate cancer, instead of the current surgical procedures that are known to leave between 20 and 70 percent impotent and between 15 and 50 percent incontinent.”

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Take control of your own health! There is no one on the face of the earth who has more interest in your welfare and well-being than you yourself do. You must take control of your own destiny and not leave it to others who have their own vested interests.

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