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What we can do

Posted Mar 07 2010 10:11am

This is a continuance of the previous post on banning the 40 hour work week.

 One thing I believe we can do to begin to surrender to a new way of life is to simplify the life we have now.

Passing on, selling or donating anything we don't really use is a great way to start.  Reducing clutter increases soul clarity.  If you look around you right now, right where you sit reading this, I bet you'll see at least two or three things you don't really use and don't really need. 

 Start clearing out anything that is taking up space in your life as a way of surrendering to a new way of life in the future, one that is based on flow and harmony and grace rather than survival and struggle and lack.

 All the usual spiritual tools are useful as well, such as meditating, participating in spiritual ceremony, prayer, etc.

Get out into spiritual communities and connect with others who are also trying to break the stranglehold of working ourselves to death.

Stop automatically accepting the overtime grind.  Refuse to automatically be drafted for every overtime situation and weigh how your health and family life may be impacted by every extra piece of time you trade for money.

 Cut back on any extra expenses that do not add quality to your time and relationships.  Instead of paying that expensive gym fee every month, consider getting your entire family, or some of your friends if single, together every week for a work-out party.

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