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What type of foods will an active healthy 15-18 year old need and why ?

Posted by fatt_boi

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Active teenagers need complex carbohydrates (about 50% of total daily calories), lean protein (20-30% of daily calories) and fat - ideally mostly unsaturated (20-30% of daily calories). Like adults, teens should be maximizing their nutrient consumption by eating mostly whole foods - the fewer processed packaged foods and beverages the better. 

Teens should make a special effort to obtain adequate calcium, Vit D and other bone-building nutrients as their bodies are in the process of laying down bone during these years. Iron is also critical for both young males and females. Teens should consume milk, plain yogurt, fresh fruits and vegetables for bone-building nutrients and lean meat, seafood, poultry, legumes, whole grains for iron.

Please view my post on Top Ten Nutrition Tips for Teens for more suggestions at:  

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