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What to Wear Wednesday: ’80s Style

Posted Feb 27 2013 1:04am

Hi lovelies! Thanks for your kind words about how I’ve been feeling . I am definitely on the mend and despite dealing with some pain, and am happily feeling stronger each and every day. I’m so lucky that through all of this, I have such an amazing support team. I have been blessed with an incredible family and it is through their help and prayers, that I credit my improvement with!

But before all of this happened, I went out for a fun night celebrating my friend Virginia’s birthday. She decided to do it ’80s style and we went to see the band Tainted Love. For those who haven’t heard of them, they are an ’80s cover band that is actually incredibly good. They play a lot in San Francisco (I actually saw them on NYE) but they also travel around as well. As an 1980s kid (ok, so I was born in ’87 so was technically an ’80s baby) so I’m a huge fan of ’80s music. I first discovered it in college actually when I became obsessed with Journey. I credit this to Fraternity exchanges when the DJs would always play “Don’t Stop Believing”, or other non-Journey classics like “Jesse’s Girl” and “Living on a Prayer.” And of course Madonna. Obviously. I always found myself singing these songs with my friends at the top of my lungs and they are some of my best memories from the dances. In my post-college years, when an ’80s song comes on and people are surprised that I know every word, I explain that they are my “end of the night songs.” So a whole night singing those songs with a live band with all my friends AND the opportunity to get dressed up? DONE.

I’ve always gotten really into dressing up for theme parties. Being in a sorority in college I had a LOT of opportunities to do so and get this- I used to sketch my potential costumes during class. (When I was little I wanted to be a fashion designer, so I guess a little part of that still remains.) Though I didn’t sketch this outfit, I did my research. I knew for my ’80s look I wanted to channel Madonna. And this is what I came up with…


When it comes to shopping for costumes, Forever 21 is the best. Everything is cheap and they often have so many ridiculous items that are completely theme-party appropriate. All of the above (with the exception of my Nine West shoes) is from Forever 21! It took a little time to shop the store (and I felt about 10 years older than everyone there) and with the addition of cutting my t-shirt thanks to a Youtube video, the outfit came together pretty easily.

And of course, I have to show you some pictures of my gorgeous friends, rocking their neon looks:

Katie had amazing fishnet gloves and Biz was rocking the cutest legwarmers.

Katie had amazing fishnet gloves and Biz was rocking the cutest legwarmers.

The  3 Katies looking fantastic!

The 3 Katies looking fantastic!


-Do you like theme parties? What’s your favorite theme? (I’m always looking for new ideas!)

-Have you ever seen an ’80s cover band?


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