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What To Drink When Eating Raw

Posted Apr 12 2012 9:54am


When following a raw diet you may assume that your beverage choices will be exceedingly limited, however, this is not the case. There are a wide range of drink choices that follow the raw diet. For nearly every beverage you consume on a daily basis, you can likely find a raw alternative with a little creativity and recipe researching. Making homemade raw diet beverages allows you to combine many fruits and vegetables into one drink and also enables you to customize flavors to create the ideal beverage for you.


Water is a staple beverage on a raw diet and is also a necessity to leading a healthy lifestyle. Drinking water provides the body with the necessary hydration and is a quick and simple beverage that is easily accessed. Drinking water also removes any apprehensions about dining out as water can be ordered and consumed without worrying about it being raw diet friendly. Purchasing a home water filter can be beneficial so that you are consuming the purest water possible. Squeeze some fresh lemon or lime juice into your water to give it a touch of added flavor.


Fruit and vegetable juices are ideal choices when on a raw diet. However, you will likely need to make your own to ensure they truly follow the raw diet rules. Store-bought juices often contain preservatives that prevent them from being considered raw. Using a juicer to make them yourself at home is your best bet to having tasty and healthy raw friendly juices. This also enables you to customize the juices beyond what you can find on a grocery store shelf. For example, you may have difficulty finding a cherry and apple juice at a store, but at home you can combine any fruits you desire.


While you may assume that milk is off the menu when following a raw food diet, this is not the case. Though you still must avoid traditional cow’s milk or even soy milk sold at grocery stores since these are processed, you can turn to alternative sources for your milk fix. Drinking fresh coconut milk or making your own nut milk, such as almond milk, is perfectly acceptable on a raw diet.


Smoothies can double as a raw food diet friendly beverage as well as a dessert. Smoothies are typically made by blending various fruits, however, you can also opt to sneak in some vegetables to the mix. The naturally sweet fruits, such as strawberries, raspberries or bananas, can help mask the flavor of the vegetables, such as carrots, you choose to add. Add a splash of coconut or almond milk to the smoothie for added flavor.


Although traditional coffees and teas are off limits on a raw diet, there is a way to make your own tea that still follows the raw diet rules. Sun tea is a raw diet friendly option that is easily prepared. Simply crush and dry raw herbs and place them in a glass pitcher filled with water. Leave the pitcher in the sun for several hours so the tea can brew naturally. The tea temperature should not rise about 118 degrees, making it acceptable on the raw diet.


You can’t consume beer and liquors on a raw diet, but wine is an acceptable raw diet option as long as it is organic. However, avoid wines that contain added sulfites. This enables you to keep the wine as natural and raw-friendly as possible.

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