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What To Do When Its Raining Outside?

Posted Jul 11 2009 11:01pm

A Buddha in the Rain

This is a dilemma I am sure we have all faced. Either it has been wet and miserable outside or just too cold to workout either way the weather has forced us to improvise with a workout indoors or head for the gym in search of a workout. Here are some tips to overcome the bad weather and get going on days where you had maybe not had a scheduled workout but feel like doing something for 20-30 minutes, some small workouts and other stuff  you can fit in anytime of the day even if you don’t have a workout scheduled….

Shadow Boxing

This is a great way to work up a sweat even if its showering down with rain outside. It sounds boring but trust me you can get an invigorating 20-30 minute workout just from shadow boxing in a spacious room so long as you mix things up.
I like to go for 1-2 minutes of shadow boxing then take a break of a minute maybe throw in some sit-ups or pushups and continue for another 1-2 minutes for a couple sets. Set a timer and keep your eye on the clock. Make sure you get creative throw in some kicks, hooks, ducking, fast punches and move around on your feet imagine there is a boxing bag right in front of you. When by the fourth or fifth interval of shadow boxing your arms start to get tired just keep moving on your feet and keep your arms up to guard. Its an awesome workout even if you can only squeeze in 10 minutes you will be thankful you got it done.

Pushup Challenge

This is a simple one but it usually takes me between 15 and 20 minutes simply shoot for 200 pushups and set a timer take as much rest as you want but make sure you get the 200 done. Do any type of pushups depending on your level of fitness. If your not strong enough to do standard ones then do some kneeling pushups or pushups on a chair like featured in the video below

Of course though if you can stick to regular pushups in the best form you can and feel free to change up the grip throughout throw in some close grip, hindu-pushups or if your really adventurous and strong some clap pushups…..

DIY or Cleaning

This one is unorthodox and I am not sure if it really counts as a workout but it could depending on the task. The other week I ended up spending the afternoon building some furniture and cleaning up my apartment and man did it prove to be a tough workout. All the carrying furniture about building it and then moving it into place really took it out of me follow that up with some mopping up and cleaning and you will not only have achieved something and probably dealt with a task that has been put off for too long but you will have gotten your body moving and sneaked in a workout. I guess it goes to show everything counts……

Get Some Cooking Done

When stuck indoors with nothing to do its a great time to get some cooking for the week done. This will not only save you time for the rest of the week but give you a variety of snacks and food you can grab for on the go snacks or to accompany your main meals.

  • Boil, peel and store a batch of eggs
  • Cut up and wash some vegetables like Carrots, Cucumber or Celery
  • Grill a few pieces of meat let them cool and store
  • Make a batch of Dips like Guacamole or Salsa (make sure to add lemon so they last longer!)

These simple things will provide you with some very useful stuff for the week. Especially at times when you come home late from work and want something to eat or wake up too late to have breakfast and want to grab a quick meal for on the go.

Relax and Plan

Often when bored we end up doing things that are ultimately not constructive and leave us unsatisfied. Down time is always a time to get something important done, life in constantly throwing us tasks that need to be dealt with. I like to write down a list of things I need to get done in the next few days, even if they are trivial tasks like hang up the laundry or spend 10 minutes doing some deep breathing. Doing this will take a lot of weight off your shoulders and work as an effective de-stressing tool. Once you have gotten all the things down on paper either go about doing the tasks on your to doo list or spend some time relaxing which we all need in this day and age.

Spend a few minutes doing some deep breathing then use visualizations to imagine things you want in your life. Mark’s Daily Apple put up an awesome post this week on the power of visualizing and its effect on sports performance have a look over here…….

This post started out as a workout guide when you have to improvise indoors but instead of going over more BW workouts I decided it would be better to give some inspiration on things to do when you have half an hour of down time with not much to do and you would normally spend the time browsing the web or flicking through TV channels.

Every moment is special and positive action is what makes us feel good so make the most of your down time whether you just relax or get a improv indoor workout done their is a time for everything.

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