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What to do for Crepitus? I'm not sure I have correct spelling. knee cracking and pain when bending knee

Posted by cassie

I want an alternative remedy first, because if I go to the regular Ortho guy, he will do tests and more.  Then ultimately they will want to do a cortesone shot or worse, some kind of surgery.  Help me please. 

The pain has sort of been lingering around the outside of knee off and on for awhile.  My knee has been poping once and awhile also.  Two days ago, after working in my garden for a long time, I had pain.  At the time I didn't connect the pain with

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Consult your doctor and enquire about Calmodulin intake. Calmodulin is an intracellular calcium receptor found ubiquitously in eukaryotes. It is capable of regulating biological activities of many cellular proteins and transmembrane ion transporters.
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