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What Size is Your Faith?

Posted Jun 05 2013 9:46am

You know the size of your faith when shit hits the fan. It’s easy to have faith, stay patient, and remain loving when things are going well. It’s a comfortable place because we are certain of the outcome. 

But what about when shit hits the fan? What about when you have uncertainty on the table? Where is your faith? Are you placing your faith in fear or placing your faith in the Universe?

Shit hit the fan for me yesterday. It was a really long and challenging days – one of those days in which I just couldn’t catch an effing break. I was at work seeing clients while I had two people who are very close to me attacking me and judging me, and saying very hurtful things to me. I felt judged, I felt attacked, and I felt small. I felt helpless. 

When shit hits the fan, we often go into victim mode and think, “Poor me. Why did this happen to me? How could this happen to me?” This was the case for me.  And it’s okay to feel that way temporarily if you feel that way. You have to feel your feelings to heal your feelings. But how long does the pity party last for you? Does it even end?

I had my pity party for about a minute. Then, I took a deep breath and went inward. 

When shit hits the fan, that is not the time to go back to old habits. It’s not the time to over or undereat, it’s not the time to over-exercise, it’s not the time to obsess about the extra roll of fat on your stomach. That is a distraction your ego is creating so that you can avoid the situation at hand. When shit hits the fan, it is not an obstacle. It is an opportunity to ask the Universe, “What can I learn from this?” and trust that you will be lead to the right people and the right situations to bring up exactly what you need to heal.

This is exactly what I did. I took a deep breath and said a prayer: “I know that You only give me things that I can handle. Help me handle this with grace and love. I am willing to see the lesson here and I am ready to learn it. Bring it on.” I took another deep breath and said, “I am ready to experience a miracle.”

When shit hits the fan, you are being tested. Not because the Universe wants to annoy the crap out of you, but because it loves you so much that it wants you to build the mental muscles to become a pro at learning the lesson in front of you. Stay faithful and stay patient.


If you choose to view the situation as an opportunity, you’re putting faith in the Universe. If you choose to view the situation as an obstacle, you’re putting faith in fear. When you put faith in fear, you believe that you are acting alone. And you have every reason to believe in fear if you believe that you are going through life by yourself. When you put your faith in the Universe, you believe that you are co-creating with an energy greater than yourself. You are willing to put your faith in the invisible guidance that surrounds you. 

So, I did just that. Within five minutes, nothing catastrophic happened. I just felt better. And that’s the miracle. The miracle is simply that shift in perception. The miracle is shifting my faith in fear to my faith in love. The miracle is that I felt better. That’s the real gift. Then, I heard my inner teacher speak up. It said, “Keep holding your own. Stay strong in your truth and walk with faith and you will be safe.” yet again, authenticity was the lesson. This has been coming up time and time again over the past couple of weeks. I said to myself, “Okay, I’m ready to stand in my truth and show up for my truth. I am ready to be guided to lessons that will help me do this.”

Now that I felt better, my energy shifted. I still felt sad about what happened but I also felt grateful to be able to show up for my patients with an extra dose of compassion. And my patients felt that too. They were more compassionate than usual and more receptive to my advice because it was coming from a totally authentic place.

And this all connects to the bigger picture. When shit hits the fan, we can either say, “Ugh, how can I get out of this situation as soon as freakin’ possible so I can stop feeling uncomfortable?” or we can say, “I am willing to move through this discomfort to learn a lesson so I can then teach it to others.”

So, you pick. It’s your choice. What is the size of your faith?

Stay lovely,

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