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What's in my #FitnessCloset?

Posted Mar 27 2013 11:42pm
Okay okay, I'm totally late to the party but I'm still posting this anyway.  A few days ago Pavement Runner started doing a "What's in your #FitnessCloset" feature where everyone posts what they've got in their workout collection.  I loved the idea right away but it's been a busy week and it's taken me awhile to get my pictures together!
See the post that started it all HERE

  • Top Left Drawer - sports bras
  • Middle Left Drawer - workout tops (tends to be the ones I wear most often)
  • Bottom Left Drawer - more workout tops
  • Bottom Right Drawer - workout bottoms
As you can see by how unfolded stuff is in some of the drawers, I tend to get lazy when putting it all away.  Oops.  Now onto the nitty gritty...

Running Shorts: I have many.  All from Lululemon but all from the outlets except for those ridiculous rainbow polka dotted ones we got for doing the Seawheeze Half Marathon last year.  As you can see the tags are still on and since they are the most obscene piece of clothing I could possibly pretend to cover myself up with, they will most definitely stay that way.

Capris:  This is what I tend to wear most often.  I have a few others but these three pair are my favourites: my old Running Room capris, my CW-X compression capris which are fantastic and the ones I wear the most are my Lululemon ones on the right.

Tops:  I tend to wear mostly tank tops but collection includes tanks, short sleeves and a few warm and layering long sleeves.  Most of the tanks are all Lululemon cool racer backs (although my collection is small compared to many!) and this old style of Lulu tank that I still really love.  I've got a handful of Lulul swiftly short sleeves and one swiftly long sleeve that I just love.  My fave long sleeves these days are one from Nike and a Champion warm layer that I got from Target.

Warm pants: I do have two pair of warm bottoms that I wear a ton but both were in the wash and I was too lazy to pull them out just for a photo.  This winter my Brooks insulated tights and my Lululemon Bright at Night pants kept me nice and cozy during all that Goofy training.

Jackets:  Speaking of being warm and cozy I think my two favorite pieces are my two Lululemom running jackets.  They are just awesome functionally and I always feel good when I wear them.  The one on the left is actually grey but it kind of looks purple in this photo, oops.

Random other things:  I'm not going to show you all my socks and bits and pieces but here are a few worth mentioning.  The pink socks are my CEP compression socks and those puppies have travelled everywhere with me and pretty much saved me during Goofy training.  My grey Lulu arm warmers and neck warmer have been very welcome additions and have saved me on some of those days where you just need to add a little more to stay warm.  I wear my Running Room gloves all the time (only one pictured because I couldn't locate the other!) and my black Lulu ear warmer is a godsend.  The other socks shown are my absolute favorite SmartWool socks and I seriously don't think I could run without these guys.  Even when my feet get snowy and wet they still stay warm.  Nice.

Shoes:  Right now I am rotating through three pair of Mizunos.  My Wave Rider 13's have been awesome and I got the Wave Rider 15's from the Mezamashii Project and just love them.  The black and purple Wave Enigmas were also a prize that I won for a Pinterest/Running Room contest and I love them too.

And then there's all the other stuff that is just too numerous to count.  The hats, visors, extra gloves, double layer socks, lights, water belts and whatever else.  It's pretty crazy how big the collection gets after you've been running for awhile.  And not only that but I find that with each new challenge I usually need to acquire new gear as well.  When I started training for my first half marathon it was a water belt and some good technical gear.  For Goofy I needed a better water belt and more winter clothes because I was training all winter.  It's crazy and now everything is pretty much taking over my closet and dresser!

You should go check out the original post as other bloggers have linked up their #fitnesscloset posts and it's kind of fun to look and see what everyone else has and loves.

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